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AGH!!! she phoned the police!!!

My daughter was playing with my mobile which had the keys locked but she managed to unlock it and as I took it away from her I saw the words emergency call.
I ended the call but then 2 mins later it rang and it was the police asking if everything was ok as they had received an abandoned call for police. I apologised and explained that my daughter had got hold of it and they said in future could I keep it out of her reach. I now they couldnt see me but I felt my face go bright red and felt really stupid.
I know lots of kids have done it but I kind of prided myself on my kids never doing it.
Still cringing now.


  • OMG you poor thing!
    My nephew did that once, my sister in law was absolutely horrified.
  • Hi Lucyanne,

    I really feel for you. Charl's managed 99 before but we were able to take the phone off her before the final one. It happens a lot i'm sure and they're used to it. x
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