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I have had enough of trying to get this damn thing to work, I have created a ticker and photo on lilypie, tried using codes here there and every bloody where!! and it WON'T WORK!! Clearly user error I know but will someone who knows exactly what to do please write me a step by step guide as I am not getting anywhere...

All help gratefully received

Love jd_mummy xxx


  • Hi,
    The only way i could get mine to work is when you get to the page with the codes, highlight all the writting in the second box and copy it! next time you write a message click the right hand button on mouse and press paste, this will bring up a load of writting at the bottom of post, but when you press continue your avatar should pop up. I have also noticed i don't have to go into lilypie everytime to do this as long as you don't copy anything else it should be ok.
    Hope it helps.

  • Hi
    Have you tried to cut the pseudo HTML code on lilypie and then come back into your file and paste it into your signature box on your basic profile. Boo suggested that and it worked for me!
    Good luck
  • Just trying Simone's idea first, fingers crossed xxx


    Thankyou very, very much you guys at last it's on there, now I know how to do it I will try to find a good pic of my little man

    Love jd_mummy xximageimage
  • Oh my god, Joseph's pic is multiplying now!!
  • Well done!!
    I like Joseph's t-shirt!
  • Hi Guys, I'm on a roll now just managed to change his picture as this is one of my favourites i thought i'd try it.

    Thankyou for all your help getting my little man on the screen to join all of your lovely children, takecare love jd_mummy xxx
  • Yeah so glad it worked, lovely picture.

  • Have just saved mine! i was trying to save it in the avatar box. Go into user options and personal info, scroll down till you see a big box with signature above, paste the lilypie code that you are currently using in there!
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