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OMG Ethans ill and it's Ambers christening tomorrow!!

Well the title says it all! I can't believe it (Zoe told me not to joke about it)!!]

I think it's still the sickness bug he had earlier in the week, luckily nurofen and calpol really help and return ethan to nearly normal so as long as we dose him to the eyeballs he should make it in the morn.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!!


  • Good luck tasha.

    Speak soon
    Kas xx
  • Oh tasha, what a time for him to be poorly, poor little mite must be feeling rough and it will no doubt keep you up worrying most of the nite, with any luck if he had it earlier in the week this might be the tail end of it and he will hopefully be brighter in the morning

    Good Luck, will be thinking of you, hope it goes well

    Love jd_mummy xx
  • OOh i hope Ethan felt better today, how did the christening go, was Amber a good girl.

    chat soon x x
  • Hi Tasha,

    I hope Amber's Christening has gone well and that Ethan is feeling 'ok'. They are always ill when you don't want them to be.

    I've got to stay in all day tomorrow as we've an engineer coming to look at my poorly washing machine so i'll be on and off here most of the day!!

    No doubt chat than!

    Zoe x
  • Hi All
    Thanks for your replies ethan made it!! We had him dosed up and he was a little angel
    We had a lovely day Amber looked gorgeous and it was a lovely service although the vicar kept trying to christen her Megan which is her middle name! it's where we go to tots so it was lovely that we knew everyone.
    We all went out for a roast after which was great! Amber foung it a bit too much and hasn't slept all day so i think we're in for a rough night!
    Hope your all well xx
  • Hi Tasha
    Glad you had a good day, maybe Amber will be so worn out she'll sleep well tonight! Hope Ethan feels better soon.
    Take care
    Dawn x
  • Thanks Dawn she's out for the count now!!
    Just wanted to tell everyone about one of Ambers prezzies as it's a lovely idea that some of you might want to use.
    Her god mother made her a memory box which had a pic of Amber on the lid and included a newspaper from the day she was born a copy of the sunday times on her 1st weekend and a copy of marches vogue!! She made her a memory book and wrote a long letter to her which made me cry and of course she gave her a bible! Just thought it was wonderful x
  • Hi Tasha
    What a lovely present, wish i'd thought of that when Cameron was born!! Hope you all had a good nights sleep to recover from your very busy day!!
    Take care x
  • you can get backdated newspapers off the internet but think they can cost as much as £20. worth it i guess if you want to start a box or get someone else to do it!!

    We recovered well from the christening thanks although Amber was very unsettled last night(bit worried she may be starting to react to the food again) so it's not even 7 and i'm on the computer!

    hope you and Cameron are well, have you spoken to hubby about giving you some time yet?!!
  • Hi Tasha
    Cameron and i are fine, he's having a nap at the moment so i'm having half an hour to relax!!
    No point speaking to John at the moment, he's in rally mode because he's got a big event next weekend and the car still isn't finished, so Cameron and i are practically invisible!!! Never mind, things should get back to normal in a couple of weeks(she says with fingers crossed).
    I really hope that Ambers not going to have a reaction to the oats. When do you get the results of the allergy tests?
    Take care
    Dawn xx
  • Thanks Dawn and Boo
    Glad i've started a new baby craze!!
    Feeling really paranoid about Amber she was really unsettled last night and for the past 2 days has barely napped during the day which is always a symptom of a reaction really trying not to overeact so will try and give it a few more days. We are supposed to be going back to the hospital in the next couple of weeks it can't come soon enough, i'm very intrigued to know the results.
    Dawn, sorry to hear hubbys in car mode at the mo feel free to get in touch if you need someone to have a proper non car conversation with!!
  • Hi Tasha,
    How is Amber today hope she is ok and not had a reaction.
    I have had a day from hell have got flu and not easy with a child, mummys can't be ill!
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