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fao dizzy

Hi Dizzy,

I can't wait to here when you've had your baby and look forward to hearing the name. My husband and I could only agree on one name and that was George, we had a girl and didn't want to call her Georgia it took us about half an hour in the delivery suite to come up with a name we were both happy with, that was Charlotte Lucy. Good luck!!

Zoe x


  • ooh, Thats Katelins middle name too. Katelin Lucy
  • Thats kind of what we did with amber! our close family knew we were having a girl but no one knew the name! Actually we didn't either it was a choice of two Pheobe was in the running too!
    it's nice to keep an element of surprise x
  • I was convinced i was having a girl so we hadn't even thought about boy's names!!! Anyway after a 10 minute chat over tea and toast in the delivery suite we decided he looked like a Cameron!
    I went into a mad cleaning frenzy in the week before i had Cameron, in fact the night i went into labour i'd been up since half 6 in the morning scrubbing the house because we had about 20 members of the family coming round for a surprise birthday tea for my dad's 60th birthday!! Needless to say i got my first contraction as soon as they arrived so we went to the hospital and left them to it!!
  • It was fantastic, when we got home the place was spotless and there were loads of leftovers, John and i ate off paper plates for days!!
  • Hi Dizzy,

    Can we have an update? As it's there or there abouts your due date isn't it? Hope all goes well if nothing's happened yet. Keep us informed.

    Zoe x
    Hope you are feeling well and getting some rest!
    What have you called him.
  • Hi Dizzy,

    Congratulations on your safe arrival. I'm sorry you didn't get your home birth but i'm sure that doesn't matter now. Like Simone I am keen to know what you have called your little man so don't keep us waiting too long!!
  • Congratulations, Dizzy.
    So was all that worrying for nothing?

    Please put us out of our misery and tell us what you called him.
  • Hi Dizzy
  • I'm really glad it all went well for you. You'll have to keep us informed with Ifan's progress. Enjoy him, they change so fast.
  • Congratulations on the birth of your little boy!!!
    Hope you're all doing well and settling in at home
    Take care love Tasha xxx
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