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I saw my nanny who's 85 today for the first time in 9 months and in that time she's been diagnosed with alzheimers. I have to admit i'd put off contacting her (admittedly we've never been particularly close) as i couldn't accept reality so i knew that meeting up today for Ambers christening would be a reality check.
I can't believe how much she'd changed at first she seemed ok but as the day went on she became more confused and didn't know who i was although she knew my husband and she kept trying to introduce me to my dad.
It was awful and quite frightening for her and she was very tearful, I'm a twin but she'd forgotten and became confused when she saw us together. I've read about alzheimers before but never realised how truly devasting it is. I'm sorry to depress you all but i feel better for writing it down xx


  • Hi Tasha
    Sorry to hear about your nanny having alzheimers, its a horrendous condition. One that is often forgotten about by the NHS. I am guessing that your nanny will have good and bad days, perhaps on a good day she will recognise you and you will be able to enjoy her company?

    I hope that you managed to enjoy your day!
  • THanks Caroline i agree and think today was a particularly bad day for her. Unfortunately i rarely see her she lives in bournemouth and i'm in the midlands but i'm going to take the kids there for a holiday and try to spend some time with her. Your right in that she's getting minimal medical support. We've promised to send pics of today complete with name tags to try and help her remember it.

    We did have a lovely time thankyou, am exhasusted now though!! xx
  • hi tasha
    my nan had alzeimers too,, it a horrible thing for the whole family to go through.
    she died last year and it took me nearly a year to go and she her because it was so upsetting.
    she didnt know me but she new my partner and maisy..
    it started early on when my grandad died 13yrs before she died (gradually)
    she had to sell her house and move into residential care, that was hard for us too..
    if you need to talk(email address [email protected])
    luv rachxx
  • Hi Tasha
    Sorry to hear about your nanny.
    My nan also had alzheimers and she had good days and bad days and like you we were not that close but my mum was and that was hard.
    I think I felt guilty for not going to see her very often.
    I used to be a police officer and she was convinced that I was in the air force!
    She was a smoker but forgot that she smoked.
    I really hope it didnt spoil your day and that Ethan was ok.( I did do a post to you wishing you luck on saturday but it somehow never appeared, Think it might have been the glass of wine )

    Take care
  • Thanks for replying Rachel, i'm very sorry you lost your nan. I'm glad my nan was able to attend yesterday and i practically threw Amber into her arms as it was the first time she'd seen her and it was important to me!
    My nan is fortunate that she's financially secure and a few years ago she bought a flat in a residential home where you pay for nurseing care whether you need it or not, this means it's available to her now without her needing to move. I don't think they'll be able to cope when she becomes particularly bad but for now she's ok there. It's really helping to write this all down so thankyou for your message i'll get in touch soon xx
  • Hi All,

    My Grandma also suffered from Alzheimers. We were quite close but for some reason I was one of the first people she couldn't recognise and she used to get agressive towards me so I had to stop seeing her for everyones safety. Unfortunately we buried her when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Charl and it was one of the hardiest days of my life. One good thing to come out of it was when I saw Charl for the first time she looked like my Grandma and still as she's growing she has some of her expressions. That makes me smile.

    If you ever want to chat send me a private message.

    Zoe x
  • oh Tasha, i do feel for you. I work as a home carer and deal with a lot of people with Alzheimers and it's not a nice thing to see someone with it. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that your nanny is not aware of it!
    Its good that she can get the care when she needs it. If you need to chat you know where i am
    Take care
    Simone x x
  • Thankyou all so much for the replies i can't believe how many of you have lost grandparents to the illness.
    It's scary to think about what's going to happen to her in the future (i know, i shouldn't think about it).
    I'm very lucky that i'm 27 and still have 2 grandparents alive and they have met my children. My other nana can barely walk and yet she's got a better mind than me!
    Again thans for your support chat soon x
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