The Twins Arrived... early

Hi All,

Just to let you all know, the twins arrived this weekend gone...

The last scan showed that they hadnt grown enough so they decided to deliver by c-sec on friday.

Nina and Jack were born at 1.32pm and 1.33pm, weighing 6lb 1oz and 5lb 11oz.

We're all doing well, and Milly is addapting fantastically. I have my parents and my Partners parents with us too so there is lots of help there for me.

Dont know how long we can manage with this amount of in-law infleuence though, one or the other, but both together is a nightmare.


  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm very glad they're doing well and that you are too take all the help you can get at the moment!!
    I don't think we've spoken before but i'm a twin so i obviously think it's fantastic!!
    Take care of yourself - Tasha xxxx
  • Hi Sally,

    Just wanted to wish you all well and say Huge Congratulations, enjoy every minute, even the exausted ones

    Love jd_mummy xxx
  • Hi Sally
    I don't think we've chatted before, but i'm glad everything went well and you're all doing ok!
    Take care
    Dawn x
  • hi sally,
    we've not spoken befor but wow!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
    take advantage of all the help,bet you are getting lots of advice (in laws always know best dont they? lol)
    glad you are all doing well. look forward to chatting soon.
    Kas xx
  • Hi there,

    That's great news. The twins were a good weight too and I like the names. Make the most of having the help around, it might seem a bit much at times but just think you don't have to do the cooking, cleaning or ironing while they are there.

    All the best, Zoe x
  • wow hun twins. Glad that you've got some help hun. Congrats and take care x
  • aw congrats babe, and good weights for twins to.
  • Congratulations hun was gonna email and ask if you'd had them but you already ansewred that.
    Glad your all ok and yeah very good weights for them.

    Emma xx
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