My baby is Houdini!!!

I've always put Amber in her pram for a nap but this afternoon found her on all fours leaning out of it so i put her in her rocking chair and strapped her in. i looked away for 2mins and next thing i know she's dived head first out of it with her legs still strapped in! have also had to stop using her bumbo as she litterally throws herself out of it!! Am going to have to get her in the routine of sleeping upstairs but she's still in a crib (it's a nice wooden one and we haven't bought the cot yet)!! and i don't trust her not to manage to get free!!


  • Don't they develop quick. We had to stop putting Charl in her high chair as she managed to get out of the straps and climb out. We thought she was safe in there but after the second time we thought she'd be safer sat at the table. And I think she prefers that as she feels grown up.

    Have you tried putting her in her pushchair? Just a suggestion.

    Zoe x
  • awwww bless her hun. My 13month old has managed to escape from her cot by swinging her leg over top. The cot is as low as it goes and i've put a stair gate up at her door.They grow up sooooo fast x
  • Hi,
    She is clever though to be able to do that! I love her picture is it from the christening.
  • Thanks for the replies your right zoe think i may have to get her off to sleep in the double buggy, by the way i love the pictures of your children, you have a handsome little boy and Charlottes gorgeous! It's great to put faces to names!
    Yes Simone Ambers pic was taken at the christening it's the best one i have that fits at the moment but will probably change it again soon!
    Better go Ambers trying to climb out of her donut ring!!!
  • Hi Tasha,

    What have you done for nap time today?

    Thanks for the message about the children, it is nice to be able to see each others children, and put a face to the name when we are chatting.

    Zoe x
  • We went to tots this morning so she had quick nap in the pram i kept a close eye on her though.
    My friends 11 month old leapt out of his buggy this morning and really hurt his face she had to leave tots to take him to the doctors nmade me realise how careful i have to be.
    How's your day? xx
  • Hi Tasha,

    Just picked Jack up from school. We've got our first parent teacher chat next week so i'm making a note of all the things I want to know!! The days been ok today. I've done my hours now for this week at work so it's a case of doing what I want now, well sort of.

    We had a note from the school about a 'ragtex', this is when you take in old clothes, shoes,etc into school and a company collect the bags of goods and sort them out, they then go to help clothe children in poorer countries which I thought was great. Jack has out grown so many things but they are in good condition so i've got to sort through them before friday.

    Hope your having a good day.

    Zoe x
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