photo disastor

Hi Boo,

You are not alone, when Jack was between 2 and 3 he hated having his photo taken and we think it's because he felt embarrased to have the attention on him. We went to a sitting in boots and he screamed the place down and wouldn't let the photographer go anywhere near him so we had to abandon it, and at home most of the pictures we have of him at that time he has got something covering his face. She will grow out of it and turn into a little poser, it's just a shame you've not been able to get the photo you wanted.

All the best, Zoe x


  • what a shame! the one on your ticker is gorgeous you'd think she was a poser! i agree with zoe it must be the age she's at. Have you thought of using a company that simply photograph the children at play? I don't particuarly mean Venture as they're extortianate.
  • Have you tried a bit of bribary? Nothing too pricey just something to tempt her to sit and smile for a couple of photos with her brother. Maybe some chocolate if she's not normally allowed it or a colouring book. Something she'd like as a thank you for doing what you want her to do.
  • I find that Ethans much more open to things happening if i pre warn him and explain exactly what's going to happen and why. perhaps if she knew they were a present for 'nanny' (ie)she might want to do it so she can give it to her?
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