Cheeky two year olds.

Hi all,
just thought Id come on and tell you how cheeky Niamhs being at the moment. For the last couple of weeks, every time the phone rings or I make a phone call, she goes into the kitchen, gets on her step, opens the fridge, takes out a piece of fruit or a yoghurt and eats it.
At the weekend, we had Taras christening, and so since then, she no longer goes for fruit and yoghurts, she goes for the cake.
Today, she said to me "mummy, can you go and ring Daddy at work please? oh and close the door (kitchen)". I asked her why, and she said she didnt know, I asked if it was because she wanted cake and she said "yes mummy" in a very matter of fact way.
Kids are so funny!!
Hope you are all well.
Kas xx


  • Hi Kas,

    That brings back memories! We are at the stage with Charl where she copies so if she see's me on the phone she gets her pretend one and talks away, I think do I really do that? But I must!!
  • Bless her that's really funny Kas and quite clever too!!
    I'm pretty lucky Ethan can easily get into the fridge on his own but as yet has never done it without being told. now i've said that i'll probably find him nicking all my chocolate later!!
  • Hi Kas
    That is funny,It made me laugh.
    I can imagine my little madam saying that to me in a few months.
  • Talking of cheeky 2 year olds, Ethan came up to me yesterday and said, 'mummy i've done a pooh....hehe false alarm'!! Don't know where he's picked that up from!!
  • oh Boo that was me, wow you have a naughty side don't you!!
  • Hi all,
    glad you found it funny.
    Boo, thats really naughty (but very tempting ).

    Tasha, how funny was Ethan. Sounds like him and Niamh would get on like a house on fire. Theyd have us running in circles.

    Hope you are all ok.
    Take care
    Kas xx
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