What is your job?

Hi everyone,

I saw this question posted on another parenting forum and thought I would try it here?!?

So what is your job?

As for me well first and most importantly I am a mum but I do have another job that I do part time - I am a paediatric operating theatre nurse and I thought it would be cool to find out what you all do?

Love jd_mummy xx


  • Hi jd_mummy,
    like you, my first and most important job is mummy.
    Other than that, Im a nursery nurse.
    Wow, paediatric operating theatre nurse, sounds exciting. Must be hard though?
    Kas xx
  • Hi All,

    As well as being a full time mum to my two children( and the dogs!) I'm a part time Dental Nurse a job that I've been doing for 10 years now. ( wow it's been that long!)

    Zoe x
  • Hi all,

    I am a stay at home mum (and a go shopping mum, hehe) and have been since having my 2nd baby in 2001. I was a Police Officer for 3 years and then worked for Marks and Spencer.
    Not sure what to do when katelin is older. I quite fancy working in a care home or something along the lines of helping others.
    Maybe work voluntary for The British Heart Foundation.
    Or whoever will have me!
  • Hi,
    I am a full time mum to Jessica and also a part time home carer. I have been doing it for three years, used to be a hairdresser.
  • Hi everyone
    I'm full time mum to Cameron and after christmas i'll be going back to work part-time as a nursery nurse in a local primary school!
  • i need a job! Seriously i'm a stay at home mum and when my girl is 3 and in Playgroup i would love to go back to work partime for our local newspaper again x
  • Hi Boo,

    There's nothing wrong with being a maths teacher in fact I've made a note of it so when i can't do Jacks homework i'll get in touch!! Hehe!!
  • Hi Jd mummy

    What a good idea!

    Until i had Ethan i was a nursery nurse and ran an out of school club i then became a childminder until i had Amber and am now a full time mum (hardest but best job ever).

    I have no idea what i want to do when the children start school. I have an art degree and it would make my mum very happy if i finally used it and did something creative!!

    Any suggestions welcome!!!!
  • Art teacher?
  • Hi all,

    Am chuffed to get so many replies to this and wow you guys have great jobs, being a paeds theatre nurse is great but yes it can be tough sometimes, most of the time though it is just lovely to see a child who needs something fixing as it were and fix it!!

    Hopefully more people will tell us about their jobs now

    Love jd_mummy xx
  • Hi!!
    I have been a Mummy now for 3 weeks, best job in the world! I wish I could afford to be a stay at home mum but I can't! Not unless my mums lottery numbers come up!!!
    For my sins I am a Humanities teacher in a secondary school. I love my job and am missing my kids at school. So much so that I am going to visit them tomorrow for the second time since Bronwyn was born!!!!!

  • Hi Caroline
    I'm always popping in to school with Cameron, i work with 4-6 year olds and they just think it's fantastic. In fact while i was pregnant the primary 2's(year 1) were doing a topic on babies and a few weeks after i had Cameron i took him in to bath him in front of the class. I really miss them too, and i'm quite looking forward to going back after christmas to do 2 days a week!!
  • Hi all,

    That's lovely that you take your children into school to meet the children, I have taken Joseph into the hospital a few times but he only gets to meet my workmates, he loves it though as there are lots of great toys to play with!!

    Unfortunately he has got to see the inside of the theatre soon as he is due to have an operation, bit strange for both me and him, I'm not used to being on the parent side, rather than the nurse side!!

    Love jd_mummy xx
  • Hi everyone! I took Bronwyn into school as planned today. What was supposed to be a 30 minute job turned into a 2 hour stay! Bronwyn was passed around like a parcel (whilst i got on with my jobs) but never stopped smiling apart from when she wanted her bottle! I had plenty of volunteers to feed her too. Funnily enough nobody wanted to change her nappy!!!!!! The kids flocked to me and I caused chaos wherever I went. Luckily the Head is very understanding, especially as he got a cuddle from Bronwyn.
    She was extremely well behaved, even when surrounded by lots of loud and boisterous teenagers!!!! The only problem is thatome of the girls commented on wanting a baby!!!! God NO!!!!!!!! They can hardly look after themselves!! A cute sleeping baby is a million miles way from reality when theyare screaming the house down, as we all know!!!!

    Ta-ra for now
  • Hi Caroline,

    It's great you can go into work with your little girl, especially if you're to return. Our neighbours have got a 16 year old daughter and they love it if we are there and Charl screams uncontrolably, there is no better contraceptive than a crying baby!!

    Have a good weekend. Zoe x
  • Hi Boo,

    No it's not serious quite a minor thing really but hey doesn't stop you worrying does it! Silly really as I know everything that will happen to him and know all the staff that will care for him, maybe it's worse if you know too much??!!??

    Love jd_mummy xx
  • hello

    im a mum,

    and also a checkout chick for a gay arse company called tescos!

  • I know they are a nightmare really, always causing you some sort of worry or another!!

    Love jd_mummy xx
  • Hi Girls,
    Just need to get something of my chest about work! Am a home carer and went to a new client today who is disabled and quite young. She lives in a housing assosiation house and it is covered in mould and has become air born, she has had no heating for three years and her health is really bad! I was in there half an hour an my chest tightened and my voice went god knows how she feels and she has a huge sore on her chest from sleeping on a damp bed all the time.
    The housing association won't move her as she hasn't got enough points and there is nothing i can do and it has really upset me!

    Sorry to rant needed to get that of my chest

    Simone x x
  • Hi Simone,

    That's awful. If a child was being brought up in those conditions it would probably be put into care so why should an adult live like that when it's not by choice. Things like that really get to me. Money's wasted on silly statues and benches and people are forced to live like that. Sorry i'm going on now aren't I. The thing is though that her health is at risk and that's not right. At least she has now got you to bighten her day up when you call in.
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