Going for short break in Liverpool!!!

I'm actually really excited!! Tomorrow night we're going to stay with hubbys sister and husband in Liverpool we only decided to go on monday so it's a bit last minute! They don't have children yet nut they're devoted to mine so i know it's going to be a child friendly hol. They've arranged plenty for us to do, including a ferry on the mersey tour and a safari park, Ethans going to love it!!!

I'm sure i'll be online tomorrow but if i'm too busy packing, chat to you all on tuesday! Have a nice weekend!!


  • Hi Tasha,

    Hope you have a great time. We've got a weekend away next weekend. Not quite as glamorous as yours, we are going to Skegness for a stock car weekend but we'll have a great time. It's just nice to have a change sometimes no matter what it is. Enjoy it.

    Chat soon, Zoe x
  • Hi Tasha,

    Hope you and your family enjoy your weekend away.
    Try not to worry about Amber too much ( what a silly thing to say, sorry)
    Anyway if you are busy packing , chat Tuesday.

    Lucyanne xxx
    Ps. Dont forget the steriliser &
    Baby monitor!!!!!!
  • oooh hadn't put monitor on the list thanks!!! xx
  • Have a fab time!!
    John's going away this weekend so i'll be having a very quiet weekend at home, just me and my little man!
  • Hi Tasha,
    hope you all have a fab time. It'll be nice to get away after all the excitement of the christening.
    Take care and speak soon
    Kas xx
  • Have a great weekend.
    I have to work this weekend and it looks like the weather is going to be good!
  • Thanks everyone
    We've actually got the car packed up and are sitting here twiddling our thumbs!!
    We're leaving at the kids bedtime so can travel whilst they sleep aim to be there by 9.
    Hope you all have a lovely weekend look forward to catching up next week xx
  • Enjoy your weekend Tasha. Chat next week. Zoe x
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