She drew me a picture....on my wall!!!

Hi girls,

My lovely little girl Charlotte loves to colour and draw so i thought nothing of leaving her colouring away nicely in a Winnie the Pooh colouring book while i nipped to the loo in peace. On my way back down the stairs she was waiting for me with a big grin on her face and a crayon in her hand. "Ear ya go" she said pointing to the wall and yes there was a lovely scribble there for me to see. Thanks babe but don't do it again!!


  • Hi Zoe!
    You obviously have a budding Picaso there!!! One of my ex-colleagues had the same problem with her little boy. She bought a tin of blackboard paint and some chalk and gave him his own wall space on which to draw. The result? Her nicely decorated walls stayed crayon free. It might be worth a try!!!!
  • Thanks Caroline, i'll look into it for when i do her room! Maybe next time i ought to take her to the bathroom with me!!
  • lol charlies done his lovely art work all over my walls to.
  • awwww bless,

    i cnat leave robert alone , i now have a shelf, pic frame and upvc door frame with lovely artwork in blue permenant marker!
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