PP subscription and free gift?

Just wanted to know if anyone had subscribed to PP and recieved their free gift? I subscribed 2 months ago, the free gift offer was a reusable nappy set from Tommee Tippee. I have had a post card telling me that they are out of stock and will send the itenm when they are in stock. Has anyone actually recieved theirs?


  • i was thinking about a subscribtion, but not sure if it's worth it the long run. i feel as if it's always the same old stuff i read in the mags these days.
  • I had a subscription for a year which ended in may this year but looking through the mags now it does seem to be all the same stuff. They repeat it but give it a new look.
    Still buy it though but only when i feel like it.
  • No offence pp!!!!!

    Love you really!
  • I finally got my free gift! No nappy set as they ran out but they sent me a travel potty, 2 sppy cups and a bath toy! Woo hoo!
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