Anyone just want a chat?

Hi girls,

It's Saturaday night, Hubby's gone stock car racing, kids in bed although Jacks watching a DVD. On the computer with a glass of wine anyone for a chat?

Zoe x


  • Hi Zoe
    I'm home alone too!!
    John's gone to mull to do the recce for next weekends rally, Cameron's in bed and i've done all my jobs downstairs!!
    Think i might join you in a glass of wine.
    Dawn x
  • Hi,
    I am on my own to, with a glass of wine. Partner has gone into town as its his mates birthday!
    Simone x x
  • Hiya Dawn,

    I'm pleased i'm not on my own! Have you poured yourself that glass of wine yet? If so then ( holding up my glass) i return cheers to you.

    Have you had a good day with Cameron today? We've had a quiet day today although i have done all my jobs too. Did you read my post about Charlotte? At least it's wiped clean.
    Have you any plans for tomorrow?
  • Well at least we have got each other for company.X
  • Its alright for the men they seem to be able to go out when they want! Can't remember the last time i got dressed up!(get the violins out)
  • Hi Girls
    We've had quite a quiet day too! My sister and niece were down for a little while this afternoon and Cameron was on his best behaviour!! I'm hoping he'll sleep through tonight, i was up 3 times with him last night!!!
    I read about Charlotte, she's very creative!!!
    Nothing exciting planned for tomorrow, we usually go food shopping on a sunday morning with my dad!
    What are you up to tomorrow?
  • It sounds like i can't be the only one to say "it's alright for you, you can go out whenever. If I want to go out it's a big trauma!" We are too good to them. Oh and the violins are out here to.
  • I know its very sad when the highlight of your day is to have a glass of wine and sit down and watch the xfactor!
    Mind you i have been out shopping all day and Jessica decided to have the worst pooh ever and i had to change her in the back of the car! Looovely
    Simone x
  • Hi Dawn,

    We are taking the children round to see both sets of grandparents tomorrow( our parents) and then returning home for the rest of the day. I like to cook a Sunday roast as it's the only time we all sit to the table to eat together as my husband works shifts.

    Charlotte is keeping me very busy just lately. She seems to be doing all the naughty things jack never did. People told me you don't get two the same, i worked that out in the first week!!
  • Simone, there will be many more of them, nappy changes in the back of the car that is. We have on several occaisions turned our car boot into a changing area either because there was no where else to go our because we prefered to use the boot, if you know what i mean.
  • I don't have much planned for tomorrow, only work in the afternoon. Do any of you take your little ones to music with mummy, am thinking of taking Jessica as she loves music.
  • I don't but that's only because it's on a day a work. Charl loves music too, she was dancing along to strictly come dancing tonight which i thought was lovely. If she keeps it up i'll look into dance classes but from what i can gather she needs to be 2 before anyone would take her.
  • I know its not the first time for me! I had a nightmare in a coffee shop today with a cheese sandwich! I asked for one for Jessica on white bread with grated cheese (she won't eat lumps of cheese yet) it came out on granery bread not grated, so i sent it back, it came out again on brown bread not grated, sent it back then they forgot about us. On the third try it came out on white bread NOT GRATED! How long does it take to make a cheese sandwich AARRG
  • Hi Zoe
    Its Chaos here at the moment.
    Daniel is 9 today and my husband took him and his best friend to watch Southampton v West Brom. They are having a sleepover here and playing on play station at the moment ,in the playroom which is right under Katelins bedroom and making so much noise ,I cant believe she is managing to sleep.
    I'm joining you in a glass of wine anyway.
    I did a really long reply to you in 06 babies and katelin poked her head round the side of the PC and pressed Del!!!!!
    Annoying, but not as bad as Charls art work!!!!!!!
  • Happy Birthday to Daniel first of all. I'm glad you are joining us all in a glass of wine. Charlotte's artwork is no more, i've managed to wipe it clean thank goodness. I have to come on the computer when she's not around as she presses all the keys and does allsorts to it. As i am not very good on the computer i can't always sort it out what she's done, maybe i should ask Santa for a computer course!!
  • Hi Girls!

    Tonight is my last night with my fiance before he re-joins his ship tomorrow after his paternity leave! He has 5 weeks away, back mid November for 4 weeks. Hope you are enjoying your wine and peace and quiet! I may be joining you once I am left to my own devices!!

  • Oh dear Caroline, i hope the time will fly by. We are all here if you need to chat!
  • Ah Caroline
    Make the most of him then.
    Put your feet up, enjoy a glass of wine and let him be with Bronwyn while you chill out.
  • I'm getting dirty looks from my husband.
    Ive got to sort the sleeping arrangements out and He cant possibly do it on his own now can he!
  • Hi Caroline
    I feel really stupid now because i got cross with John when he wanted to go away for 2 weekends to do his rallying!! (The violins were out here too!)
    Make the most of your last night together, and you know where we are if you need to let off some steam!
    Dawn x
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