Hello Tasha

Hi Tasha
Just seen your name pop up on 'who's on line'
Did you enjoy your weekend away?
How was Amber with her eating ?
Hope you all had a good time. You'll have to fill us all in on what you got up to.
Nice to have you back!!!!


  • Hehe thats really funny Boo!! Thanks for the message Lucyanne, my own post!! Definately not in hiding got home at 9:30 last night answered couple of messages in other forums but saw there were 82 new messages to read in the lounge so thought i'd wait until i had a clear few hours!!!

    We had such a good weekend thankyou Liverpool was fab!! we stayed with my sister in law and her husband and they were so relaxed and helpful 2 children are definately easier with 4 pair of hands!! We took the kids to the beach (Ambers first time) and were sat in our t shirts, i couldn't believe how great the weather was. We also went on the Ferry on the mersey tour which was lovely and very exciting for Ethan. The shopping in Liverpool is fantastic and i discovered a next clearance shop so was very happy and spent far too much money!

    I didn't really want to come home but we're going to go quite regularly so can't wait for our next trip!

    Hope you all had lovely weekends, i really missed our chats!! xxxx
  • Hi
    Glad you had a great time.
    I've been to Liverpool once and got quite excited when I saw the weather map from Richard and Judy in the docks.

    Sounds like they kept you all busy.
  • They've taken the weather map away!! I was gutted!!
    They kept us very busy we didn't stop but surprisingly wasn't stressful at all. They fed and bathed the kids whilst i had a glass of wine bliss!! How was both your weekends? oh, and how was your son when you picked him up Lucyanne, is he talking to you?!!
  • Yes he is talking to me.
    Infact he's my best friend again.
    On the way back from school I told him how worried I was because I couldnt see him. And the possible consequences of that. He understands and says he wont do it again.
    He has actually asked me lots of questions about maddie MacCann since she went missing so he is fully awear of stranger danger. He said he thought I was right behind him.
    I may have over reacted this morning but fear just takes over sometimes and he understands why I freaked out.
  • Glad he's ok. Ethans been really good lately and especially so whilst we were away so it's been nice not to have to get cross!! xx
  • How is Amber and her eating?
    Any problems while you were away?
  • thanks for asking She's been fine she hasn't had any solids since thursday but i'm giving her pear tomorrow on the consultants advice so keep fingers crossed!! I'm sure it was a reaction as she was back to normal within 2 days it's hard though as i'm trying not to be paranoid and i don't want to overeact thenagain i can't bear to make her ill. Just got appointment through today to see consultant again on the 25th.
  • Yes, good luck with the pear.
    I guess it will be a day or 2 before you know?
    My doctor advised me to give katelin Pear when she was 6 months old when we found blood in her nappy.
    The Dr said it would help "loosen things" as it was constipation that had caused the blood.
    mmm... just thought I'ld share that with you
  • Hiya Tasha
    Welcome home!!
    Glad you had a fab time.
  • Thankyou will let you know how we get on i've heard that pears supposed to be good for people with complex intollerances so here's hoping!!
  • Hey Tasha,
    welcome home.
    Ive only come on for a few mins tonight (its mine and ants night in), so Ive read the posts now, but id better go, before Im on all night.
    I'll reply to your private message tomorrow.
    Looking forward to some more essays!!
    Kas xx
  • Hi lucyanne It usually takes 10-14 days for a reaction but at least she enjoys it in the meantime! i got the report from hospital today which stated their going to use elimination as the treatment so this could go on a while

    Thanks Dawn it's nice to be online again i was getting withdrawal symptoms! Hope your ok x
  • Hi Tasha,
    Welcome back!
    Sounds like you had a really nice time and managed to get some rest and you time!
    Do let us know how Amber is after eating pear.

    Chat soon
    Simone x
  • Ahh thanks girls it's been so nice to come back to all these messages. Lovely to know i was missed!!
    God, how's it going to be when we all go on summer holidays next year, we'll have to take lap tops!!
  • Summer holidays - what are they?
    I think i've heard people mention them before.
    The furthest John and i have gone in the 6 years we've been together is the west coast of Scotland, it would be fine if we lived further away than the east coast!
    I think you may see a pattern developing with my other half. My dad says he's frugal, it wouldn't be ladylike to repeat what i say about him!!
  • OMG - it seems we have more than just a name in common. Your husband doesn't happen to be called john????
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