hello i'm new

well new to this site.
so hope you lot are ready for me lol
i'm kristy mum to charlie (2.10mths) and nicole (9mths) and soon to be ttc afterf nicoles finshed bf. married to ray and we live newcastle area.


  • Hiya Kristy and welcome to PP I'm sure you'll love it!! I'm Tasha and mum to Ethan and Amber. Look forward to chatting soon xx
  • Charming!!!! See it's fun already!!!! xx
  • Hi Kirsty,

    Welcome to PP. I'm one of the nutters Boo has become so fond of!! If you read some of my posts you'll probably agree, no not really i'm quite normal. Look forward to you joining in with our chats. I'm mum to Jack and Charlotte.

    Take care, Zoe x
  • Hi Kristy,
    Welcome to pp. Im afraid Ive become addicted to it. Its so good to come on here and chat (about anything), especially when you've had a hard day. Theres usually something to giggle about.
    Look forward to chatting soon.
    Kas xx

    P.s, Cheers Boo.
  • Oh, sorry,
    forgot to mention, I also have 2 kiddies, Niamh (2,6months) and Tara (6months).
    Actually, there was no point writing that, you can see for yourself at the bottom.
    Kas xx
  • Hiya Kristy
    Welcome to pp!
    I'm Dawn, mum to Cameron 6 months.
  • lol well i've never been all there. love a good mad chat, make life a little less hard doesn't it.
  • Hi Kristy,
    My name is Simone and i am mum to Jessica who will be 11months on friday! Hope to chat lots.

    Boo have you got over your funny five minutes!
  • Boo
    What the hell is a pink elephant?????(and why is it talking to you)
  • Hi Kristy,

    I'm Jude mum to little geezer Joseph aka Jd (2yrs 10mths)

    Welcome to pp

    Love jd_mummy xx
  • Dawn give it another 6 months and you'll have cbeebies on the brain too. you'll be singing the songs and dreaming about the characters!
  • Aaaaah! Now it makes sense.
    It's half term up here and i've been looking after my nephew today so we've been watching cbbc which was bad enough.
    I even had to miss This Morning(devastated) and i couldn't come one here. I've had to pretend i'm some sort of domestic goddess so he doesn't go home and tell my sister in law that i just sit on the computer all day!!!
    God, how sad is my life!!
  • hi kristy

    claire here!

    mum to robert who's nearly 2!

    hope ur keeping ok
  • Ohh i don't know Sids not bad!!!
  • ooohhhh, tasha, no!! sids soooo annoying. and his new sidekick. what a pair
  • Girls, girls what are you talking about!! Next you'll be saying sportacus is a bit of alright!! No i'm sorry none of them do it for me.
  • Ohno that programmes just wrong!! It's not as if i fancy Justin or Mr tumble!! I think perhaps i watch cbeebies too much though!!
  • Don't get me wrong they make me laugh sometimes but i laugh at them as apposed to with them. Jack's funny as he tries to copy the number raps Sid and Andy do. That puts a smile on my face!!
  • Ohno he creeps me out!! we do like the programme though!!
    well i guess both of us could be worse at least it's not that older guy from tikkabilla!!
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