Things begining with P

Aaron and I are just doing his homework , and we are thinking of as many things as possible begining with the letter P. He has to write them down so we were trying to think of 3 & 4 letter words.
Aaron said quite proudly "piss" "piss begins with a p"

I turned away so he did'nt see me laugh, then turned back and said "no, I dont think we can add that one. Its a swear word" he said "oh yeah,lets put pie and pen instead"
My little angel!!!!!


  • Oh how funny!! Here's a few (or does it class as cheating)?!! Pray plan picture plot plant peg prune pram!!
  • Oh how funny,

    While we're on the subject we heard Jack calling Charlotte a "bloody idiot" because she switched the t.v. off while Roary the racing car was on. He wasn't impressed, we found it amusing although told him he shouldn't say that. We have to be sooo careful now, sounds like you do too!!
  • Oh thats funny too. That made me laugh.
    Poor Charlotte
  • Oh Boo,
    My mind is boggleing
  • Ethan called me a silly cow and i'm afraid it was his dad who taught him it!!
  • Well, boo,
    dont keep us in suspense!!
    Kas xx
  • OMG thats a ground opening up and swallowing case!
    Shoot the un-pc old lady!
  • Just read it Boo,
    thats bad. They pick things up soooo quickly.
    We must have been typing at the same time.
    kas xx

    Anyway, Im going to have to go now, Ant and I try to make at least one night a week for each other to just curl up in front of the telly and chat, (without the computer), its usually him sneaking on, but its me tonight. Like I said, this forums addictive.
    Speak to you all soon.
    Kas xx
  • Sorry, but you have all made me laugh!!!
  • out of the mouth of babes eh?
  • All these posts have really made me smile, Joseph quite often will shout out 'bugger' and 'piss' when I tell him off for something or put him for time out!!!

    He knows it gets a reaction and he shouldn't do it hence he does it...

    The joys of a developing vocabulary!!

    jd_mummy xx
  • Just wait until he has to make a list of things
    beginning with sh!!!!!!
  • I know.
    it can only get worse cant it?
    He'll start having chats with pink elephants soon!!!!
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