Hi lucyanne

Just thought id say hi, as we're the only 2 registered users on at the mo. Hows your eve going?


  • How funny,
    I was going to do a post to you too as it was just us.
    Well I'm on my own as my husband has gone to bed as he was out this morning at 6 and has to go to london tomorrow so he's having an early night.
    So I'm sitting here with KISS on TV and a glass of wine and a huge bar of chocky.
    How About you , how is your evening going?
  • Well, Ant got home from work at 9, so he had a few mins on the comp, while I watched a bit of pride of britain awards. But now he's watching heroes, so Ive got a litte while on here.
    Unfortunately no choccie though. Sounds yum!!
  • Should'nt have the chocolate really ,I try to only have it at weekends but my husband felt sorry for me as I took Katelins lost bear worse than she did as it turns out. she got some buttons so if she asks for him tomorrow I can ply her with choc!
  • this is probably the quietest night ive ever seen on here. mad!!
  • dont blame you. A little while ago,Niamh lost her plush toy of Pocoyo in town. We retraced the last 3 or 4 shops, and thankfully, found him lying on the floor of a shop. Its horrible though isnt it?
    Im the same, try to just treat myself at weekends. Haven't long been back down to pre baby weight.
    How bout you?
  • I do weigh less now than before I was pregnant with Katelin but the way I'm going I'll be even bigger soon.
    I love the winter as I enjoy feeling cosy but unfortunately cosy comes with comfort food.
    When I was pregnant with Daniel (my 9 yr old) I put on loads.
    I went from 7 and a half to 13 stone.
  • Blimey. How tall are you?
    I cant imagine being 7 and a half stone. Im 10 stone, but Im quite happy with that, as until 2003 I was 16 and a half stone. Put on almost 2 stone with Niamh, but lost it fairly quick, then lost another half stone, so was 10 stone when became preggers with Tara. Now back to 10. Really want to tone up now though.
  • Sorry lucyanne, Im gonna have to leave you now, haven't had a chance to chat to Ant yet, Heroes is finished, so Im going to go and have a chat with him, catch up on the goss.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your choccie and wine.
    Speak tomorrow no doubt. Ta for the chat
    Kas xx
  • I'm 5 ft 4 ins.
    But I looked ill. When I see pics of myself from those days I look awful. very drawn. I am much happier now as I was miserable being too skinny. People even asked if I was annorexic.
    The only thing is I could eat whatever I liked and never put on an ounce , now I have to watch what I eat. You cant please some people!!!
  • Hi Girls,

    Sorry i didn't make it on last night. Charl went down hill rapidly after bath time last night. Not sure what was wrong with her, she was screaming trying to make herslf sick her nose went very snotty again. She really wasn't a happy babe. It was 10 before i got her to sleep and i was so shattered afterwards i went to sleep myself as i'm recovering from a nasty head cold. She seems ok this morning and i was only up with her twice in the night. Never mind.
  • Oh poor thing.
    How is she this morning?
    I expected a night like that as Katelin lost bear but she has surprised me that she dose'nt seem that bothered that he's gone ( I was deverstated).
    What was wrong with Charlotte?
    Was it the cold as before or a tummy bug d'you think?
  • Poor Charlotte, sounds like you had a bad time with her. Glad she's a bit better this morn.
    Niamhs woken up with a cough and streaming nose today. Haven't had a call from playschool, so she must be ok.
    Im not sure if I'll get a chance to come on later, Im going to a shops open evening.
    Speak soon,
    Kas xx
  • Hiya,

    She's not been too bad so far. I don't know if the steam from the bathroom loosened things for her as her nose was like a tap once she got out the bath. She was really grumpy and as she was crying she was coming close to being sick. I think it was just the volume of snot to be honest. Once she calmed done and went to sleep she was fine. I did have to get up to her in the night but only twice and she settled back down quickly. I was really looking forward to another good chat as well as I go away tomorrow for the weekend after the school run.

    Zoe x
  • Hi All,

    We are staying in a place called Chapel st Leonards which is five minutes down the road from Skegness. There is a big stock car weekend at Skegness stadium so it's one of the few times we are all going together. It's not everyones idea of a good weekend but we will have a great time. Some of the drivers recognise jack and speak to him which puts the biggest smile on his face so we've told him it's a treat for being so good at school.

    The weather's supposed to be dry so we can cope with that. I'll fill you all in on Monday as we won't get back til late sunday, but i'll be online in the morning!!(Get my fix before i go!!!)
  • Thanks Boo, we will. Jack has always liked cars too. James and his family were into stock cars when I met him so I was converted 12 years ago. I went to several meetings when i was pregnant with Jack, don't know if that helped but one day we took him to a meeting and he loved it. James's brother mechanics for one of the drivers and some of the others have got to know this little lad who is mad on the sport so they say things to him. He loves it, he has his photo took with them and their cars some of which we had enlarged and they signed them for him. We framed them and they are on his bedroom wall. He shows everyone that comes round!! I'm going on a bit so i'll be quiet now.

    I'll enjoy catching up next week. I'm already thinking about asking Santa for a laptop. Thing is I know i won't get one!!

    Zoe x
  • That sounds like a great weekend! hope you have a fantastic time although hope to chat in the morning!! xx
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