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Hi all,
I want to start a dressing up box for Niamh, as shes just starting to enjoy roleplay now, but the dressing up outfits are so expensive in the shops. I went on ebay the other day and got a job lot of 6 dressing up outfits for £29, and that included p&p.
It was two disney dresses, a handmade tweenies outfit, a barbie dress and a princess jasmine two piece. I was so thrilled, as thats Niamhs main xmas pressie sorted now. Although I think I'll have to get a bob the bulider one too, as every time we go into Asda, she heads straight for the bob the builder stuff.
Ayone else found any bargains?
Kas xx


  • I wanted to get Cameron a leap pad learn & groove activity station, but they were so expensive to buy brand new. I found one on ebay that was only 8 months old, it's like new and only cost £45 inc P&P.
  • Hi Dawn,
    We had exactly the same. We got our learn and groove on ebay a couple of months ago.Think we paid £34!! There was no way I was paying £80 for one. Tara loves it. Does Cameron like his?
    Kas xx
  • About a week before Ambers christening we discovered that the beautiful bridesmaid dress she had for her auntys wedding no longer fitted so we chose anothern one from the bhs website for £30 but hadn't quite got round to ordering it.

    During this time i'd been buying a few party dresses from Ebay ready for christmas.
    One that i had bought that in the picture looked like a green party dress arrived and was a full blown white bridesmaid dress and was stunning - i got it for £1!! With £2 postage.

    I don't want you to think bad of me for putting her in a second hand christening dress but it was so stunning i couldn't let it go to waste!!
    What a bargain!!
  • Hiya Kas
    He wasn't too sure about it at first but now he absolutely loves it. He's a real show off now and thinks it's great if he's got an audience!!!
  • Hi,

    I've not bought any clothes but we have bought quite a few things to do with scalextric off ebay.( I say we i should say James, I wouldn't know what to do!!) Jack was thrilled with them and as they were so cheap you got more for your money!! Always a bonus.
  • Thanks Boo I've loved having a girl because all my friends do too so i've had tons of clothes given to me!! With Ethan i found i spent a fortune on silly things like sleepsuits and vests so this time i've done my best to get second hand. Found out today the NCT have got a sale on in town on Saturday and i am SO going to it!
  • Ooh look Boo we've both got over 400 posts i wander what the record is?!!! X
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