katelin's Bear is Home

I am the happiest mummy!
When I picked Aaron up today he came out of class with a bulging bookbag and said "look surprise!"
One of the other mums had found him and handed him in.
So katelin is reunited with her most tresured bear and will be able to sleep(she has been awake all day).
Thankyou to all of you who tried to come up with ideas and for letting me moan.


  • Yayyyy!!!! Thats so good! See told you your week would improve!! Hope your all well chat soon xx
  • Really pleased to hear that.
  • That's brilliant!
  • SOOO pleased for you, i was looking through Jessicas Bears last night, thinking i might have had one!
  • Thankyou girls,and Boo for checking ebay(as I dont know how) and Simone for looking through Jessica's bears.
    Just need to find the right time now to get him into the washing machine!
  • What was her reaction to seeing her bear again?!! x
  • I freaked out and blubbed and showed myself up infront of all the other mums, and Katelin started rubbing his washing label on her nose , grabbed her dummy and started making her little mmmm noises that she does when she is tired and settling down to sleep. She had not slept all day because of bear being missing.
    He has now been through the washing machine and in bed with her where he belongs.
    A very happy ending indeed
  • Hurray,
    so a great end to a bad week!!
    Hope you have a fab weekend
    Kas xx
  • how lovely Lucyanne i'm not surprised you blubbed i bet you really couldn't believe you got him back. You must be so happy to see Kaitlin with him. I agree with boo that you should experiment with Ebay that way you could keep an eye out for another bear like hers just in case there's a next time!
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