been silly

Oh Boo you poor thing. how's it now? What did the hospital say xxxxxx Ps Sending big hugs your way! x


  • Oh you poor thing.
    Have they given you something to help with the pain?
  • That sounds very painful, hope you aren't in too much pain.

    Take care, Zoe x
  • OOOh Boo, that must have been agony, hope it feels better soon.

    Simone xx
  • omg ow. you poor thing here's a big x to make it better. is it broke?
  • ouch ouch ouch ouch!!
    My God you poor thing. I actually felt sick reading that, so dread to think how you must have felt.
    Hope your thumb feels better soon.
    Big hugs
    Kas xx
  • Ooh Boo.
    Sounds nasty.
    Think your day was most definately worse than my whole week.
    Hope you are ok.
    At least the bandages have not stopped you typing!!!
    Take care
  • Hey Boo
    How's your thumb today?
    Hope you managed to get some sleep last night.
  • Hi ya Boo
    Poor you,hope it get's better soon.

    I remember being drunk on red wine(dont no why i drunk it hate the stuff)and a friend was giving me a lift home and shut my whole hand in the car door,didnt feel a thing just laughed,luckly it didnt get broken and never swelled.

    Emma xx
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