I know I am rubbish at computers but....

How have you coped on here without using it?!! It's the perfect way to be nosy!!!!


  • Oh dear boo, can't believe you hadn't noticed it before! its nice to know whos on.
  • I use it all the time. Like to know who's on so i can chat to them. It's better than wondering who's on at the same time as me!!!
  • No don't feel stupid. You did the lilypie thing on your own, after several attempts of failing i had to get my husband to do mine!!!
  • Boo
    how old is too old?
    bet I'm older than you!
  • Did you also know that if you have people in your address book and they are online it tells you in your user options that you have a friend online.
  • Ok, i'll try again.

    If you go into your user options you will see a heading for friends online. Anyone who's in your personal address book, who you send private messages to, if they are online it shows them under that heading.

    Any clearer now??
  • BOO,?????
    Are you avoiding me?????
    How old are you??????
  • Are we doing a tell us your age post?
  • Ohh that made me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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