My Nephew!

I have to tell you this.
My nephew is 4 1/2 and he had a booster shot the other day. When he went to school he told his teacher that he was very brave, didn't cry and it didn't hurt. She asked him to speak in assembley about it and tell the other children that it does not hurt and he was very brave (alot of the children have not had it yet).
So the next day he gets up in front of the school and said in a loud voice, I HAD AN INJECTION AND IT WAS HUGE AND IT REALLY HURT AND MADE ME CRY!

I think a few mums are going to have a problem!


  • lol, bless him. Thats the thing with kids isnt it, they just say exactly what they want to say.
    Kas xx
  • Thats really funny Simone,
    But like Boo says they say one thing to someone and another to someone else.
    The teacher should have realised that.
    But it made me laugh anyway, its something my youngest son would do and say.
  • It's a big thing at that age age having an injection, at least when they are new born they don't remember it. Jack had his recently, he was very good but he was looking at a power ranger toy i said he could have if he had it done and that helped!! Also i took him to all of Charlottes so he saw what was being done and i'd tell him why. That also helped. I do think it is funny though, you can't expect a child of that age to do that and say what you thought they were going to say it's an accident waiting to happen!!
  • That's really funny gillan and i both got the giggles!!
    I bet the teacher was horrified!!
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