im back again

Hi Gracey!
Where have you been! up to any thing good!
The time goes so quickly Jessica will be one soon, did your son have a nice day.
Have started to save money for xmas but have not brought anything yet, will wait untill after Jess birthday.

Chat soon
Simone x


  • Hi Gracey
    Look forward to chatting lots again soon
    Kas xx
  • Hiya Grace
    Hope we get to chat lots more soon, really glad your mum's better now.
    Take care love Tasha xxxx
  • Hi Grace,

    We've not chatted before. I'm sorry to hear your mum was poorly. It must of been hard work for you. Hopefully get to chat to you soon.

    Zoe x
  • Hi Gracey,

    I'm from Derby, with two children Jack who's four and Charlotte 20 months. Ypu can see them at the bottom of my posts. Beautiful if i do say so myself!!

    I'm sure you'll join in again no probs we are a friendly bunch.

    Zoe xx
  • Morning Grace
    It's 5:45am and Ambers had me up since 4:00 so i've given up trying and thought i'd pass the time on here!!
    What have you been up to this week? Has Oisin recovered from his big weekend?!!!
    We've just been doing tots music classes etc but my mums having ethan today and if i can stay awake i'm taking amber to tots, just the two of us! Will be much easier!
    Hope you're well chat soon xxx
  • Hi Gracey
    We haven't chatted before, but i'm Dawn mum to Cameron 6 months. You must have your hands full with 2 boys under 3!!!
    Take care and hope to chat soon.
    Dawn xx
  • hi grace it rachel..
    welcome back
    keep in touch
    luv rachxxx
  • Hiya Grace
    How was your day?
    Ours was lovely and Amber thoroughly enjoyed having me to herself at tots! Ethan was apparently an angel for my mum and had a lovely time too so i don't even feel guilty!
    I'm absolutely shattered though but Amber will need a feed in a bit so am trying to stay awake by coming on here!
    Anyway hope you're well chat soon xx

    ps It's really nice you being on here again and reading your messages!!
  • Hi Gracey,

    Your asking the wrong person how to do it as i had to get my husband to do it for me!!!! There are lots of posts in the lounge about it. It's a website called, you choose the ticker you want and you can leave it like that or add a photo. The photo has to be a certain size for it to work. I don't know how good you are with a computer, you maybe able to do it. Try it out and see how you get on. The glitters, now I was able to do that, they have made that fool proof!!

    Hope you are having fun, Zoe x
  • Not fool proof enough i'm completely stuck!! Any pointers gratefully received!! x
  • Hi Tasha,

    I've sent you a personnal message. Hope it helps.
  • If there is anyone else strugling with the glitters, here we go.

    Go onto

    Type what you want, choose the colour and the size then click on the red glitter your way.

    If you like it double click on 'grab it' then you will get two codes come up.

    You need to copy the code for forums then paste it into your signiture box (in your user options, personal information).

    Preview it, if you like it go to continue, then it will always come up.

    Good luck!
  • Yay!! It worked thankyou zoe!!!

    Turned out it wasn't working because i had put an exclamation mark at the end. You can only put numbers and letters.

    Thanks again xx
  • Hi gracey,

    When you've put it in your signiture box go down to the end of the page and click on submit, that should do it.
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