Can't believe what my son has done today.

Hi girls,

I'm not a happy bunny tonight. Jack has started school this September and in general has settled really well. Today I have had to have a chat with his teacher as he bit one of his best friends!!!

He has made a mark on his arm, I was mortified. Luckily I know the mum and she just laughed and said don't worry it's one of those things, but i was devastated he had done that. He has only done it once before that was to me just after he turned 2. I really hope our chat worked. I don't want him to be a biter.

Zoe x


  • Hi Zoe
    I wouldn't worry too much. Most kids go through a biting phase, so long as you make him understand that it's wrong and he shouldn't do it again. Was there a reason for him biting?
    It's great that the other boys mum is understanding. She has probably had to deal with something similar at some point.
    Try not to worry about it too much, easier said than done I know!!!
  • Hi Caroline,

    Yes there was a reason, it's not like he just bit for the sake of it. The other boy tried to take something away from Jack that he was playing with, it made Jack angry so he bit him in retaliation. It's no excuse though he shouldn't have done that. He didn't like me bein upset and disappointed, he told me i can tell his teacher he won't do it again. Only time will tell, I just hope this is a one off.
  • Hi Zoe,
    Niamh went through a phase of biting after Tara was born, and I know how you feel, its horrible. I started having to watch her like a hawk. I started putting her on the time out chair, especially when I could see she was getting angry. I know Jacks maybe a bit old for that, but maybe give him lots of opportunities to chat to you and tell you how he's feeling.
    I also made sure that I gave Niamh things like playdough to play with so that she could get her frustrations out. That really helped.
    Hope youare ok
    Kas xx
  • Hi Boo,

    Jack cried when i told him i was upset and disappointed with him. He likes me to be proud of him. He has said he doesn't want me upset so he won't do it again. I have told him if he does it again not only will i be upset but there will be no T.V. The look on his face was a picture of thought!!!No roary the racing car!! Just hope it works.
  • hi Zoe,
    It sounds like he was simply frustrated and was trying to express it, did Jack and his friend make up?
    It sounds like he's sorry for what happened and i don't think he'll repeat it.
    Hope you're well, try not to worry! xxx
  • Hi girls,

    Just wanted to let you know when we got to school today Jack said sorry to the boy in front of his mum then they ran off and played!! The teacher thanked me for supporting her which i thought was strange but then some mum's may be funny about this sort of thing, I don't know. Anyway, i just hope i don't have to have a chat later!!
  • That's brilliant Zoe!
    I'm not surprised the teacher thanked you some mums can be really off about it and many are just in denial!
    Hope you've had a good day take care xx
  • The thing with Jack is he has always told me if he has been naughty or done something wrong. I don't go mad and shout at him so he tells me next time, I just say "yes that was naughty, you won't do that again now will you?" If he has been wrongly accussed of something he has this look on his face that i can't describe I just know. He will say it wasn't me mummy, this is what happened and i believe him. So when the teacher told me what happened, he hugged me and said he was sorry we needed a chat. I knew straight away that it was him. I'm not one of these mum's who think my children are perfect little angels, they both have little horns that pop out now and then!!
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