is it just me

Hi Gracey,
I think you and your oh need to chat about what boundries to set the boys and discipline them the same way, otherwise they are going to get mixed messages from you both and it'll confuse them.
I really hope you can work this out together.


Kas xx


  • Hi Gracey,

    James used to be like that. I told him to try and understand how confusing it must be for Jack to hear one thing from me and something else from him, and also the things he was doing/telling Jack was often getting him into trouble with me. The final straw was when he went on the naughty chair at playgroup. I went mental at James.. he listens to me now( he's scared of the mental woman!!)
  • my hubby can be like that too when it comes to routine he just doesn't realise that if he lets Ethan go to bed late or get up early it's me that has to cope with a shattered child the next day who's being incredibly naughty!!
    try to explain to your o/h why you have to agree on the way you raise your kids and how important his input is, hopefully he'll see things your way and you can work it out
    Take care xxxx
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