Run Away Bride

Hi everyone

I hope you don't think i'm cheeky for asking but i was wondering if you could spare two minutes to vote for my friend to win a £10,000 wedding!!

I used to work with Katie and i found out today that she's down to the last 5 to win the Northants 96 runaway bride competition (our local radio station) The votes have to be in by midday tomorrow but if the gets down to the last 2 she will be given £10 a mobile phone and a chaperone and she then has 48 hours to get as far away from Northampton as possible the one who gets the furthest wins the wedding!

Katie lives with her partner Gareth and their 2 children cohen 2 and haydn who's 10 months, for as long as i've known her she's wanted the 'big' wedding and i know she's got the guts to be cheeky to the airlines and may well get quite far!!
the link is and please vote for Katie Richards

Thankyou all very much i will let you know how she gets on xxxx


  • I have voted for you!!
  • I have voted, good luck to her!
  • I've just voted. I really hope she wins!!!
  • Thank you all for voting
    They are announcing the two finalists on Monday so i will let you know.
    Thanks again xx
  • Oooohh is voting over? I went to do it the other night and hadnt got time to complete my details. Will do it now if its still open.
    Kas xx
  • Oh no, just went to vote and its closed.
    So sorry, sounds like she has lots of support though.
    her partner sounds really romantic!!
    Fingers crossed
    Kas xx
  • Hi All

    I'm afraid Katie didn't get through to the finals although she apparently got loads of votes just not quite enough.
    However, they're planning their wedding anyway for June next year!

    Thanks anyway for your votes xxxx
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