Hi girls
I am hoping someone can give some suggestions or advice. Bronwyn seems to get hiccups a lot, sometimes they go away quickly but generally they seem to last for ages and make her whole body shake!! Is there anyway of preventing them or getting rid of them? I get hiccups a lot and was actually born with them, so I am wondering ifit could be genetic????

Bronwyn has just watched her first Merseyside derby, Liverpool won so we are both happy!!!!!!


  • Glad you're having a good day.
    I think it's very normal for babies as young as Bronwyn to get hiccups regularly. Gillans telling me that a hiccups a muscle spasm and has nothing to do with wind or feeding so old wives tales treating feeding problems or wind are useless.
    As far as i know there's nothing much you can do but a health visitor once told me that the babies not bothered by them anyway.
    If you want to go in depth follow the link http://www.pjonline.com/pdf/cpd/pj_20041030_hiccups.pdf
    Take care xx
  • Charlotte used to get hiccups everyday when i was carrying her, that was a really strange feeling having your unborn baby with hiccups. I was amazed she didn't really get them once she was born, she does have them every now and then, I just let them run the course.
  • Thanks Tasha. My hiccups hurt and they are really loud and embarassing!!!

    I am on a bit of a mission today, completely unitentionally, a spider busting mission!!! I have found some huge house spiders today. They are now garden spiders as I have evicted them!!!! Gareth would have killed them.
  • Hi Caroline,
    like the others have said, hiccups dont tend to bother babies and wont harm them.
    When I was expecting Niamh, everytme I had a cup of tea, she got hiccups, and Tara had hiccups when I was in labour with her, I didnt notice because I was having contractions, but when they put the monitor on me, you could hear them and the monitor jumped every time. That had us and the midwife giggling.
    Both had hiccups quite often, Tara still does, but they dont bother her.
    Take care
    Kas xx
  • Hi Boo
    Yes, she is bottle fed. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control she can't breast feed. Which still upsets me, but hey ho.

    Her top says "my first Liverpool kit! We were watching the footy yesterday.
  • I'm pleased to see a little girl in a footie kit, but it's the wrong team for me!
  • Bronwyn has clothes from 2 teams, she has a Pompey Babe vest as Daddy comes from Portsmouth and is a Pompey fan and she also has a full Liverpool kit and the "My first Liverpool kit" vest that you see in the photo!
  • I know we're not doing very well but we do like to see our kids in Derby County things, they look so cute.
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