What does lol mean!

Not very good with this internet stuff!!
When someone writes a message and puts lol, what does it mean!


  • I think it means Laughing out Loud!!
    Took me a while to work it out! xxxx
  • Thanks Tasha!!
    I thought it meant lots of love, but it didn't make sense with some of the posts!
    How is Amber and Ethan, hope they are ok.
    I put Jessica on cows milk today as we had used the last of the powder and i wasn't going to buy some more for the sake of a couple of weeks,

    Chat soon
    Simone x
  • Morning Simone

    Amber seems much better today and Ethans fine thanks, he was an absolute angel over the weekend while i was busy with Amber.

    I started giving Ethan cows milk in the day at 10 1/2 months when he started dropping breastfeeds as i didn't want to introduce formula for just a couple of months. He was fine on it.

    Have a good day
    Tasha xx
  • Hi Simone,

    You are not the only one for a while i thought it meant lots of love and thought that was strange!! Hubby told me what it was. I am useless with all the abbreviations. Even now i'll read something and think well that makes no sense to me at all, i'm glad i'm not on my own!!
  • Ok, as we're on the abbreviations, what does AF mean? Might sound stupid, but I cant work it out.
    Can anyone shed a bit of light for me?
    KAS XX
  • No don't know that one either or BFN!
  • I've not got a clue. I didn't know what SAHM ment until someone kindly put it in brackets after it and also mil and sil, that suddenly clicked it ment in laws when reading a post. I don't use abbreviations so like you guys I guess some posts look like they are in a secret code!!!
  • Ok what does SAHM mean!
  • Stay at home mum.
  • I might go onto the trying to concieve posts and ask them there
  • That's a good idea, i'll keep an eye on both waiting for a reply. It's quite frustrating when you read a post and don't fully understand what's being said.
  • definitely. i can guess most, but some i just dont understand or cant work out at all.
    Ive posted in trying to conceive.
  • We may have to wait until tomorrow, nobody seems to be going on the trying to conceive. Maybe that's because they are busy!!!!!
  • hi all, well just found out that AF means Auntie Flo (apparently means period) afraid Id never heard of that before.

    Oh, and BFN means Big Fat Negative.
    kas xx
  • You are not the only one Kas. It's a new one for me.
  • Thanks girls i would NEVER have worked that out!!

    I read one of the posts yesterday and it was complete gibberish to me!

    Hope you're all well xxx
  • Ok, just seen the long list of abbreviations Trish has posted in the ttc forum!

    Well, i challenge us to write a message with the most abbreviations in (that still makes sense)!!!!
  • I will try at some point, but i will have to write them down first, as there is no way i will remember them!
  • Yep me too, wonder if i can print them out and stick them on the computer?!

    BFN!! x
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