Car add!

Yeah! is it me or has the car advert finally gone


  • Oh Simone you really hate this one don't you!! It's still showing on mine. I really hope they put something else there for November.

    Zoe x
  • They must have read my post!!!! it has appeared again Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
  • I've still got the blasted car advert! I wish it would go as it does my head in!!!!
  • I hope I am not offending anyone here, but a Subaru doesn;t exactly have the "family" car image! The only people I know of who drive them are boy racers, middle aged blokes who are having a mid life crisis and 1 woman who thinks she's cool but isn't!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I totaly agree with you!
  • cant believe pp arent getting the hint yet, or maybe they are and are just keeping it on to annoy us. We love you pp, but please take the blooming car add off.
  • Presumably they get a good deal of money for allowing the advert?
  • Thats just what i was thinking Caroline maybe it funds this forum and we should perhaps be grateful?!!!

    I actually looked at the ad last night you're meant to pull the car around the road and it springs around quite addictive really.

    We can all take our frustration out on it!!!
  • I think i have moaned about it toooo much, thats why it's still on mine.
    Sorry pp, if i stop moaning will you take it off pleeeeeeeeeeeese!
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