FAO Tasha

Hi Tasha,
how dis you manage to sneak back onto the comp?
Im going to have to go in a minute, Ants just finishing his dinner, then its his turn.
Kas xx :


  • Gillans watching terminator so the computers mine!!!
    Plus while i give Amber her bottle i can get away with it!!!

    Thanks for my own post though!! xxx
  • thats ok. Didnt know where else to post it.
  • Evening Kas

    I've sneaked on again!! Going to have dinner in a min so may not get to chat to you tonight.

    hope you've had a good day,take care xxx
  • He he,
    hopefully speak soon, I'll be on till 9ish.
    Had good day thanks, how bout you?
    Kas xx
  • Well done on your 400posts!!
    Had a good day thanks and both kids went to sleep early so a nice evening too!
    Ambers got appointment at hospital tomorrow to get blood test results so will let you know what happens!
    Take care xxx
  • OOOH, Good luck with that. Please let us know how you get on.
  • Hi Tasha

    How did you get on at the hospital today?
  • Hiya

    Thanks for asking!!

    It went fine thanks the test results came back negative but we were told that's to be expected as she's so young. The dietitian was great and very interested in Ambers case, she said she's only ever seen one other case like it and for a child to react to breastmilk in the way that Amber did is very rare.
    The consultant and dietitian agreed that she is probably a primary (true) lactose intollerant which again is unusual as most are secondary lactose intollerant, which is probably why it's taken so long to diagnose.

    Because Ambers had a tummy bug she hasn't been eating the pears but the dietitian said when we can we're to do another week on pear then onto potato and cauliflower as well.

    I explained how frustrating it is not being able to feed her and how upset Amber gets when she sees food. The dietitian said we can encourage finger food from the foods she can tolerate and suggested we eventually make Amber some homemade chips!! I can't wait to give Ethan some too so they can have dinner together!!!!

    We're seing the dietitian again in a month and consultant 2months after.
    Sorry to waffle on, I had a lot to say!

    Hope you're well too xx
  • I'm glad you're finally getting some support!!

    It's good that you'll be able to give her finger foods, and what a lucky girl to be allowed chips eventually!!!!
    Hopefully she'll be feeling well enough soon to get back onto solids.

    Take care
    Dawn xx
  • Hi Tasha,
    just read your post about today, poor Amber, that explains a lot.
    Im glad you found out what you needed to know though. Is this something she will grow out of during childhood or will it stay with her?
    I hope you are feeling ok.
    I suppose the good thing is that they are not just leaving you to it now, they are going to keep seeing you.
    Hope your days been ok
    Kas xx
  • Hi Tasha,
    So glad you have found out exactley what is wrong with Amber. Did they say if it was something she would grow out of!
  • Thanks for the replies!
    They think that she probably won't grow out of it until she's at least 4 or 5 and her gut may never mature enough to tolerate large amounts of complex sugars. However she should be able to tolerate them in small amounts alongside a very controlled diet so there is hope!

    I've just given Amber a lunch of pear sticks and i held them as she really got the hang of chewing! She was so happy i could have cried!!!
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