Mummy Brain

Has anyone else found that there brain doesn't work as it used too.
I have done two stupid things this week!
I went to my doctors appointment on tuesday at 11.15, i got the time right but the wrong day, it was the day before!
Today i got ready for work and drove to my first client and when i got there i realised i wasn't due to work!!!!!!!!

Oh well it can only get better.


  • Hi Simone,

    I'm forever going into a room for something then wondering why am i here. I never use to be like that. So I have put in a request for one of those nintendo ds lite with a brain trainer game. I use to do sudoku but struggle with the easy ones now! I'm a headfull of mush!!!!
  • I'm the same and can only ever manage the tesco shop if i have a very clear list!!

    I'm the same with sudokos Zoe i could always do the hard ones but whilst i was pregnant i really struggled and can now only manage the simple ones!!

    The things we go through to be mummys eh?!! xx
  • I'm so glad its not just me.

    I walk into a room and dont know why.
    I pack everyone and everything into the car, get in, get out again because I forgot something, go back in the house to get it, then forget what IT was.
    I have to rely on my eldest to remind me what I was doing before the phone rang.
    And I can forget what I'm talking about half way through a conversation.
    Getting the DS lite seems a good idea, Zoe.
  • Hurray, thought it was just me.
    Im always doing stupid things, leaving house keys in the door, leaving car keys in the ignition, then wondering why I cant find them in my pocket.Like lucyanne, I forget what I was talking about halfway through a conversation.

    I actually forgot to give Tara her bottle the other day, then wondered why she was crying!! How bad did I feel.

    Kas xx
  • I know that feeling well!
    I packed the car today ready to do the shopping at Asda and Tesco and list! Luckily i realised 2 streets away from my house and came back for it!
  • I'm always leaving the house without things and forgetting to put things away. I went to bed last night and left the bottles i'd made up for today on the kitchen worktop, thankfully John went to get something before coming to bed and found them!!!
    The first time we did a proper shop after having Cameron, i'd spent all week making a list so we wouldn't forget anything only to realise half way there that it was still lying on the kitchen table.
    I really don't know how i'm going to manage when i go back to work after Christmas.
    I'm waffling now, sorry!!!!
  • I also forgot on monday that someone was popping in for a hair cut and i was in Tesco.
    I have a DS lite and the brain game, it said i have the brain of a 60 year old and im only 28!!!!!!!!
  • Oh dear Simone!!!!
    Do you think it gets worse with each baby that you have????
  • Dont say that, ive got two, does that mean i'll have the brain of a 120yr old?
    he he he
  • I hope id doesn't either, it's bad enough trying to get my brain to work with one baby!
  • I think my HV has a mummy brain and she doesn't even have any kids!
    I was just loading the car up to go DRIVING when she turned up. She seemed surprised that I was going out as we have an appointment. I didn't think we had but it made me doubt myself. I checked my calender and no appointment, I wouldn't be going out if I had. I knew that last week was my last appointment as this week i can DRIVE!!! Anyway, she checks her diary and insists that we have an appointment. I am getting confused and wondering why I've forgotten the appointment. Then I glance into her diary, she's due to visit a Phoebe Bailey, my last name is Bailey but Bronwyn has her Daddy's surname!!!!!! The HV was on the wrong side of town!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god its not my brain that was frazzled!!!!! Made me feel better though!

    My god this epic has turned into an essay!
  • You see you are not alone with these 'moments'.

    I feel quite bad today as i've been so occupied packing that when Jack asked me for a drink I told him to wait a minute, half an hour later he said mummy you forgot my drink and i'm thirsty! Whoopppssss sorry!
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