Plans for the weekend

Just wondered what everyone's up to this weekend!!!

John's having a rare weekend off so on Saturday we're going to visit his other son Lee. He lives about 70 miles away so we don't get to see him very often, he absolutely adores Cameron so it'll be nice for them to spend some time together!!
On Sunday we're planning on taking Cameron swimming for the first time (fingers crossed)and then my dad usually comes up for Sunday lunch!!


  • Hi Dawn

    Sounds like you have a really lovely weekend planned!!
    We have absolutely nothing on but i prefer it when we're busy! We'll probably go over to Gillans parents for a curry and we often go to a garden centre when we have quiet weekends.
    I have a rule that we must get outside at least once a day otherwise we end up vegitating so i'm sure we'll find things to do!!
  • Hi Dawn,

    We're off to Blackpool for the weekend as it's the last week of the illuminations. I'm all packed and we don't leave until tomorrow morning!

    Jack's already put requests in for a donkey ride, trip on a tram and some chips from the chip shop!! I think he's more excited than me!

    Anyway enjoy your weekend. I hope your first trip swimming goes ok and enjoy spending time with Lee.

    Take care, Zoe x
  • I'm the same Tasha, we go out everyday even if it's just for a walk. I can't stand being in the house all day and i find if we do stay in Cameron's just a grump!!!

    Have a fab time in Blackpool Zoe and i really hope Jack gets all his requests, although i'm sure by the time you arrive he'll have added some more to his list!!!
  • Hi All
    I try to go out most days even though it may be to the park up the road.So when it comes to weekends i try not to plan anything especially if my husband is working.My parents normally drop in on Saturday afternoons but not this weekend as i'm going over to their instead. Not been for a while so i'm looking forward to getting a decent sunday dinner cooked by mum and my kids hopefully behaving themselves whilst they destroy my parents house!
  • Thanks Dawn after the week we've had we intend to enjoy ourselves. I have to say the list is getting bigger already. If it's not too cold an ice cream and if it's too cold some hot dognuts!!! We're going with James' mum and dad so they'll treat the kids to those sorts of things.
  • Hi all, hope you enjoy your weekends.
    Zoe, your trip sounds so exciting. Hope the kids get to do everything on that extensive list
    Im off on my hols tomorrow, so speak when I get back.
    Kas xx
  • Hope you all have a great time, not got anything planned for Saturday, but going to my friends on sunday morning and going to my mums in the afternoon!
  • I think I'm helping hubbie do a wardrobe cull and I suspect I should be doing the same but as I am pregnant I just don't know what size / shape I will end up come the summer and I am bound to throw out all the stuff that will fit me eventually. Sunday I have to myself as hubbie is off to Liverpool and I am not sure if I will go visiting or stay in and enjoy having the remote control to myself!

    Hope everyone enjoys the weekend, hope the weather holds for all those doing outdoor things. I hope it stays cold, I love snuggling in winter coats. I have a huge down filled jacket that is like being wrapped up in a duvet. Only drawback is that in the winter no one sees your bump!
  • It sounds like most people have a good weekend planned!
    I am heading to one of my favourite places and introducing Bronwyn to the art of Christmas Shopping!!! We are going to the home of shoppertunity (as the ad keeps telling me) Meadowhall!!!!
    Going to meet my mate who is 18 weeks pregnant whilst we are there to catch up!

    The I will be heading off home on saturday, after seeing the grandparents, to record the footy for gareth to watch on his return from wherever he is!!!!! That isn't as bad as it sounds, he can't tell me where he is! Someone might be bugging the phones or internet connection, or something like that!

    On sunday I am going to try (not the use of the word try) to get some housework done. Due to my C section I have had a good excuse not to do any housework. But my 6 weeks is up and I guess I should get some cleaning done!!! Can't really save it for Gareth like I did when I was pregnant!

    Hope you all have a good weekend girls!
    No doubt I will catch some of you on here on saturday night for a good chat! No rubgy this week though, so what's the excuse going to be??????

    Ta-ra for now!
  • Hi All,

    Just wondered if everyone enjoyed there weekend plans.

    We had a fantastic time in Blackpool. Jack had several tram rides, enjoyed some hot dognuts, stroked the donkeys as they couldn't have a ride on them( the tide was in) and when asked if he wanted chip shop chips he said no but i'd like a macdonalds! So he was happy.

    Hope all your weekends went as well.

    Zoe x
  • Hi Zoe,
    Glad you had a good weekend and the children enjoyed themselves.
    We had a weekend of visiting family, so it meant i had a break as they all take over and look after Jessica.
    What was the weather like in Blackpool, i went there about seven years ago and it was soooo windy you got blown away!
  • Hiya,

    I don't think we have been and it's not been windy! You didn't get blown about but there was a definate breeze. It was mainly dry and sunny, we did have some rain on Saturday night which then turned heavy overnight but as we were tucked up in bed that didn't matter!

    It was a nice end to half term for us.
  • Glad you had a good weekend!!
    Cameron started with a cold on Saturday so he was a bit grumpy, we went bowling so Lee had a really good time and loved seeing his little brother.
    On Sunday we didn't bother going swimming, we didn't think it was a good idea because he was feeling rotten so we had a nice quiet day at home.
    So we didn't have the weekend that we'd planned, but it was still quite a good one!!
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