Where is everyone? I must come on this site at the wrong times as there is never anyone on line. Hello anyone their? lol


  • Are you still there Andrea, I keep nipping on and off today. I know what you mean sometimes I can come on a few times and be the only one about.
  • Hello bit late but i'm here! Have been logged on most of the day but potter around diong the housework!
  • I'm the same when i'm at home. I pop back on every now and then to check messages then go and do more chores!!
  • Hi Andrea
    Whereabouts in Lincolnshire are you? I am in Mablethorpe.
  • Hi Everyone! I've just logged on and well No one there. I really have to find out the best times so i can have a chat with you all.
    Caroline31 i'm live near Scunthorpe and have done for 2 years now. Prior to that i lived in Sleaford.
    I may be on line later when the kids are in bed. So hello and goodbye speak soon.
    Ps i like the idea of leaving the computer on and nipping on the site between jobs x
  • Hi Andrea,
    I'm popping on and off between chores so may catch you at some stage
  • Hi Andrea

    Saw your online I'm here now!!
    Have you had a good day? x
  • Sorry Tasha missed you earlier. I'm not having much luck. Today has been a challenge. My son age 3.5 had a strop in a shop earlier and shouted and screamed all the way around it and my 14 month old daughter just sat in the trolly like the angel that she isn't.I get so embarrased with my boy that i feel i shouldn't take him out anymore
  • I had a very similar experience around town today!! Ethan sat in the buggy screaming "i want a treat" and screaming more when i said no and Amber was simply screaming! What makes it worse are the people (often elderly ladies) tutting and saying my children must be tired/hungry/poorly arghh!!!
    Don't worry too much about it, it really does happen to us all and i'm sure every mother would understand.
  • It always seems to be elderly ladies that look down at us when our children are screaming and crying.
    They all have very short memories.
    Or think they did a much better job than we did.
    Either that or they went to the shop on their own while their kids played in the 'safe' street all those years ago.
    Or they sent their kids to the shops!!!!!
  • What annoysme most is when people think they know what's wrong with my child better than i do! They don't seem to realise that sometimes 2year olds scream simply because they want to be horrible!!
  • I think sometimes my son screams and has tantrums because he gets one on one attention. I've started telling him now that Santa only visits good boys late on Xmas eve and he's only one phone call away to cancel. Shouldn't think that will work either but hey ho i'm sure a break through with him is around the corner. Only hope it's not a next 15 years corner lol.
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