In the night garden

Katelin has just discovered 'in the night garden' on cbeebies and she is fascinated by it.
She just stands in front of the TV while its on dancing to the music.
She seems to espesially like 'macka packa'.
Its quite sweet to watch and it means I can unload the dishwasher without any unwanted 'help'.
Its also given me some more gift ideas for her for christmas, as I've seen the character toys in toys r us.


  • Hi Lucyanne. My son Bon loves that programme. I like that it is Derek Jacobi doing the voice overs, not his usual genre of TV / film! My husband just happened to be in John Lewis the afternoon the merchandise hit the shelves and bought one of everything they had at the time. He, (Bon not my husband!) likes to make the characters dance to their own songs, sung inexpertly but very cutely by him. I'd like to see a larger Iggle Piggle as the small one gets lost down the side of Bon's bed. Have you checked out the CBeebies website, they have all the songs on there with the words to learn!
  • Hi Nicolette,
    I've not had a look at the cbeebies website yet but I will. Katelin will love it if I can learn the words to the songs as she loves it when I sing to her.(goodness knows why, i sound like an xfactor reject)

    How lucky that your husband was in the right place at the right time and managed to get all of the night garden characters.

    How old is Bon?
  • Hi lucyanne

    Ethan loves it too and although i think it's a bit strange, it does seem to be the perfect wind down for him.
    We often have to sit and listen to the songs on the cbeebies website!

    I was thinking about getting ethan a few night garden bits for christmas but was worried he may be a bit old and would soon grow out of them.
    I think i will get the makka pakka bath toy though.

    By the way one of our turtles is called Makka pakka the others mr tumble, guess who named them!!!!
  • Hi Tasha

    I dont think Ethan is too old for the toys.
    Probably perfect age really, and you can always give them to Amber when he discovers the dreaded Power Rangers.
  • I had thought of that although we've bought Ethans main present already, he's getting his first proper bike!
    With the amount of aunts and godparents the kids have i leave a lot of it to them. They're always asking for ideas so i might suggest night garden! x
  • We have not even started yet.
    We have just had Daniels birthday and we still have mine and Aarons before Christmas, so we will start soon.
    Although this year we have the luxury of doing it online as we did'nt have a pc till this summer.
    But I do like going christmas shopping.
    we can get the bulky things on line.
  • I'm the same as long as i've made a start and got the difficult to buy for people out of the way i love a good shopping trip!!
    I've thought about attempting a bit more online shopping but i've hardly done it before. I did buy Amber one of those mesh bags from the jojo maman bebe site last night though!!!
  • My friend bought one of those mesh feeders recently, for her daughter( who strangely enough also has lactose issues).
    She said they are really good.
    I did'nt see them when katelin was first weaning, but I would have bought one if I had.
    Whats next on Ambers list of foods to try?
  • She's got 1more weeek of pear then she'll be having potato for 2 weeks then cauliflower as well for another 2 weeks this then means she'll be on two meals a day plus pear for pud! very exciting!!
  • Ohh look just found all this on the BBC shop web site!!,5,,1,1192,inthenightgarden&
  • Thats really good.
    Hope she is ok on potatos as you can do so many different things with them.

    Potato is the one food I could not live without.

    I would even rather give up chocolate if I had to choose between the two.
    And I also could'nt live without diet coke.

    You've ordered your mesh bag at a good time then, as you can put cubes of potato and cauliflour florets in it.
    Good timing!
  • Thanks Tasha,

    I Have tried to order Iggle piggle, makka pakka and upsy daisy but it wont let me so I dont know what I'm doing wrong. Will try later.
    Only £2.95 p+p so thats really good.
  • My 14 month old daughter loves this program. She even sits on the sofa and actually watches it! Giggling at the right moments its soooo cute. Looks like night garden toys for xmas for my little one. Only thing i dont like is seeing my daughters bottom lip tremble when the music comes on to say that it has finished bless her x
  • Hi Lucyanne
    Glad you liked the site. I've been thinkning about it thus afternoon and i think i'm going to buy Ethan some night garden bits and i really fancy the ninky nonk for Amber!
    Going to take a look now!!
    did you manage to place the order? xx
  • Hi Lucyanne,

    I've just ordered Ethan some bits off the bbc website!
    I got the Makka Pakka bath toy, iggle piggle library (really good value at £2.99 it's £8 on ebay)!! and a charlie and lola book.

    Ethans nearly done now but i'm really stuck on what to get Amber as she has all Ethans toys i'm paying for her music classes in jan so that was going to be her main prez with some instruments but i'd love to get her something girly and perhaps special for her first chrismas, any ideas?!
  • The BBC website is a great idea, I like the books and I think I'll get one or two for Bon as he loves books. He's three and still likes it despite the usual dinosaur phase and a bizarre Spiderman obsession that he picked up at nursery.
  • Hi

    Jakes 2 and has just started to watch it this week. He also stands in front of the tv watching it. He tells me to ssshhh coz they are in bed and he kisses them goodnight. It's sweet really especially if he doesn't know I'm watching him. There's not much he'll watch on his own while I get a few jobs done, other than Bob The Builder!

    Any other good programmes?
    Marie. x
  • Bon likes Peppa Pig, responsbile for his like of 'jumping in muddy puddles' and getting filthy and his dinosaur obesession. The best programme he has ever really taken to is the CBeebies Barnaby Bear, made by Nat. Geographic but British made. Barnaby has a friend called Becky and they go all over the country together and Barnaby goes abroad, from France to Mexico, and makes scrapbooks to show Becky. Bon loves the London Aquarium one and the Blaenau Ffestiniog railway one, and my fave is the Caernarfon Castle episode (Medieval History graduate...). They sing some really good songs that one can pick up the words to easily which Bon loves to try out. It is educational without being in the least patronising, unless you are unlucky enough to get Barnaby learns about recycling or the one where he is taught by an overweight woman how to eat properly.
  • Hi

    We struggled for ideas with Katelin last Christmas, she was 7 months.
    It sounds really mean, but we did'nt get her very much at all.
    She got a bath book,buggy buddy,a stroller toy and some little bits in her stocking like new dummies, a sippy cup and a tamboreen.
    Other things were clothes and sleeping bags.

    On her 1st birthday, we made up for it and got her lots but by then, she was able to do more.
    Oh just remembered we got her a disney 2in1 lamp too.

    It will be different this year as she is showing interest in things ie night garden and her dolly, so she is likely to get quite a bit.
    We dont have a big family so its mainly myself and my husband that do all the buying.
    I bet you are really looking forward to Ambers first christmas. It will be lovely
  • Hi Marie,
    My daughter also likes Razzle Dazzle.
    Its another program that means I can get a few jobs done.
    It seems to hold her attention somehow. She likes rhyme time with Sarah.
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