Washing machines?

Hi all,

Hope you're all good, sorry to post such a boring subject but would really like to hear from everyone re washing machines!!

We have had absolutely no luck in getting one that goes the distance! When my old faithful Hotpoint died after 10yrs+ hard work I figured get another Hotpoint but it only lasted under 2yrs... I thought well lets try another brand so went for a zanussi, which is on its way out after only 12 months!! (it also broke in the first 2 months of having it and the engineer who came to fix it said he did'nt think this one would last long!!) The warranty has run out now (I hate paying for those extended warranty things as i think a machine should last)

Admittedly my machines tend to work hard but not that hard, a husband, a son , me and the dog, it's on every other day so it's not exactly ragged all the time so what do i do? I need to buy a reliable mid range washing machine that will last a few years and i won't panic every time it makes a funny whirring sound like the others have done just before they've keeled over?

Any ideas for good one would be gratefully received

Love jd_mummy xx


  • Hi
    I had a whirlpool for 10 years. Nothing happenrd to it in all that time, then one day it just died.
    I think it was all the extra washing from a sicky newborn.
    We have zanussi now.Its ok but not as good and its meant to be enviromentaly friendly and uses less water so it takes forever to do one wash.
    I would recommend whirlpool any day!!!!
  • Hi,
    My sil is always going through loads of washing machines!
    We have a Bosch and touch wood it has never gone wrong and we have had it four years!
  • We've had a hotpoint for about 3 yrs and it's been no probs (so far!!!), although we were told when we bought it that it probably wouldn't last too long as they're not built to last anymore!!!!!
  • Like Lucyanne we've got a Zanussi it's about 3 years old and we're actually very pleased with it touch wood we've had no problems with it at all and it was quite reasonable at about £170.
  • I've a Hotpoint. Bought 1 week before xmas last year (Grrrrrrrr) but i'm happy with it. We live in a hard water area so anything that uses water doesn't seem to last long. I'm trying to use Calgol in every wash but it's getting quite expensive. It's strange how things dont seem to last as long as they used to a few years back. Maybe they have a chip inserted and the manufacturer activates it to make appliances break? But seriously hun i hope you have better luck this time as they are not cheap x
  • Does anyone know if using Calgon works out cheaper in the long run than a new machine every few years or so, allowing a couple of hundred quid for a machine? I use it every wash without fail but I do wonder if it is a false economy in the long run.
  • Hi everyone thanks for your posts, I'm thinking maybe a whirlpool as Lucyanne suggested but I agree with the fact that they don't make them like they used to, oh well, fingers crossed the next one will last out in this household...

    Love jd_mummy xx

    PS maybe I should get the extended warranty, it might be cheaper than a new machine so damn often!!
  • I was told by a plumber before not to use calgon as it is really expensive and doesn't do alot. He told me to put a hot wash on once a month and that would get rid of the lime scale!
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