I am happy! Molly is home!

I can't remember who I was chatting to last week and mentioned that one of my cats had gone AWOL. Well, she's back! She strolled in this morning, had lots of fuss and even more food. She is probably asleep on my bed as we speak!!!


  • Oh Caroline.
    I'm so pleased for you.
    I would be beside myself if it were any of mine.

    We lost one last year in a road accident, he was only 18 months, and I was 36 weeks pregnant so took it really bad.

    So Molly was missing for about a week?
    Was she starving when she came in, or was she ok?

    When we bought our firstborn home, one of our cats moved out to a cottage oppersite us.
    His 'new' family did'nt discourage him from coming into their house and they fed him and let him sit by their fire. We could'nt compete so let them have him.
    Molly may need a little time to get used Bronwyn being around.
    I think Gus(our 15 yr old mog) raised his eyebrows and shrugged and thought ' oh no not another one to pull my tail', when we bought Katelin home.

  • Thanks Lucyanne

    Yes she was gone for a week. I had prepared myself for the worst and wasn't expecting to see her again.
    I had wondered if someone was feeding her and keeping her in at night. She has just eaten nearly 3 sachets of food and is now snoozing on a chair next to the radiator. She is sat on my pram apron so it will need brushing later. She has been following me around, not letting me out of her sight.
  • Oooh do you think there will be the pitter patter of tiny paws soon?
  • No, she had the op!!!
  • Hi Caroline

    It was me you mentioned it too! I'm really happy for you thats she's home!!

    It's amazing how they can stroll in as if nothings happened isn't it?!!

    Hope you're well, love Tasha

    Ps does the hedgehog still visit you?!!
  • Hi Boo
    Did you have a good weekend?
    I was made up to see Molly. I was really worried about her, but obviously had other things on my mind too. Like a clingy 6 week old baby.
    Molly hasn't left my side since she got back!
  • Really glad she turned up, i wonder where she went!
  • I don't think Molly went of in a strop. I have a feelng someone is feeding her as she's not a bag of bones! I have spent the entire day on the sofa with either Molly or Bronwyn on my lap. They are both being very clingy today. Molly is still on the sofa, Bronwyn has finally gone to sleep (if she manages more than 30 mins it will be the longest nap she's had all day!) and I am sat in a rocky chair with my laptop balanced on my knee!!!
  • Glad she's home!!!!
    Enjoy the peace while it lasts, Cameron's been a bit clingy today too. He started with a cold yesterday so he's been feeling a bit miserable today, we've had a very quiet day though and he's spent the whole day in a sleepsuit!!
    Take care xx

  • Molly and Boo both back on the same day?
    Very fishy.
    Did you take Molly with you Boo?
  • Molly is obviously pleased to be home. She's very cosy on the sofa! I think my peace is about to be shattered, again! I think I can hear Bronwyn stirring. oh yes I can. I just hope that she sleeps well tonight as she's had very little sleep today.
  • So Boo, its your fault that Molly was away from home!
  • Hi Caroline
    How did Bronwyn sleep last night?
    We had a really rough night and i've been up since 5.45 with Cameron, he's having a nap at the moment so i'm going to make the most of it and have a cuppa!!
    Take care
    Dawn xx
  • Hi Dawn

    We had a great night, sorry, don't want to rub it in!
    All day yesterday Bronwyn was unsettled and didn't sleep much. I put her down at 10.30 and she sept till 4 when she had 5oz and went back to sleep. She joined me in bed at 7.30 for 30 mins and snoozed there. I think she is stirring now, typical! Going to take her for a walk later as the weather is nice today. Yesterday it was wet, windy and grey!

    What have you got planned for today??
  • Not a lot, i think we might go for a walk too. I just need to get out the house for a wee while, he's been a real grump this morning and won't settle.
    Glad you had a good night, it makes all the difference if you've had a rough day.
    Take care xx
  • Just waiting for Bronwyn to doze off so that I can jump in the shower. I've just managed to get the vacuuming done, the colour of the living room floor was unrecognisable!!!!

    Enjoy your walk.
  • Ha ha! I know that feeling well. I stayed at my parents for 2 nights last week and took so much stuff!!! Going to my parents again tomorrow and I dread to to think how much luggage I will have with me! Good job I have a big car!

    My cats are big scardy cats so Ethan wouldn't get anywhere near her!!!!!
  • I'm going to see my parents next week with Bon. I really thought that once Bon was toilet trained I would be able to pack a lot less, but no. I still use night time nappies, and then there are the countless spare pants for accidents, the trousers and socks for the same, the travel potty and liners, wipes, it just gets worse! I look back fondly on days out with just a travel change kit that fitted into my handbag! I still take too many toys, I don't need to as he finds amusement in the cushions that are strewn all over my mum's house and her collection of soft toys, and of course all the stuff I forgot and left there last time because I had too much...
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