FAO Caroline31

Hi Caroline - I gather you watched, I suppose honour is satisfied all round, a draw. At least both are still unbeaten. I can't watch, I like to go and hide if hubbie is watching or just keep up to date with the score if he is at the game. I have ongoing instructions for Bon to wear a kit every match (though he didn't on Tuesday so maybe that is a sign not to!), transfering his superstitions onto Bon. What's on for you for the rest of the evening?


  • Wooo Hooooo
    I have an FAO for little old me!!!

    I watched the game, half heartedly between sorting out a clingy baby, a clingy cat and washing stinky nappies!!!! Oh what an afternoon!

    Funnily enough I am in my kit! Bronwyn gave hers a miss today as she was snoozing and I didn't want to wake her!

    My evening will probably consist of sorting out clingy cat and baby whilst trying to eat and chat on here! So much for getting downstairs sorted today! Oh well, there's always tomorrow! or the day after, of the day after that! Are you doing anything exciting?
  • Just similar to you, dealing wtih kid and cats. And figuring out if I am really hungry or comfort eating. I have also got to put out the bins, joy of joys, and sort the recycling out. It is raining down here and I really don't want to get wet again. Bon has just had his dinner and I offered him carrot cake for dessert but he opted for chocolate buttons. Hey ho, more carrot cake for me! Has Molly calmed down yet? Any idea where she's been?
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