Birthday cake

Can anyone suggest a web site or cook book for childrens birthday cakes.
It's Jessica's first birthday soon and i want to try and make her a cake!
It could go really wrong as have not done it before, so if you know and easy reciept i would really appreciate it.



  • Hi Simone,

    What sort of thing have you got in mind? Just as an idea, you could get a chocolate log, buy some ready chocolate frosting for cakes, cover the log and decorate however. Turn it into a caterpillar or just stick sugar decorations on it and a number 1 candle.

    Hope this gives you ideas, Zoe x
  • What a good idea, never thought of anything like that!
    I was thinking of getting a cake tin in the shape of a number one and trying to make my own chocci cake. I think it will work out quite expensive though!
  • Thanks Boo.
    Will have a proper look later and get some ideas.
  • I know someone who bought lots of fairycakes and decorated those instead of making a huge birthday cake. You could write a message with them or even go with a theme.
  • Boo those websites are great and i love the daisy cake on the kraft site. I will use the ideas too as i will obviously have to make Ambers as it'll have to be dairy and complex sugar free!!
    What cake is Zoe having? x
  • I can't believe she doesn't like cake!!!!!!!!!!!!
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