FAO Lucyanne.

Hi Lucyanne,

I just want to say well done for working out how to do the tickers. I'm looking forward to seeing them with photo's on soon and maybe a glitter?

Take care, Zoe xx


  • Hi Zoe
    Cant believe it! Finally!!!!!

    I May attempt the glitters tomorrow night.
    I think I deserve a glass of wine now, and so do you. Thanks for all your help.
    I will be needing you again, no doubt, when I do glitters and even piccies.
  • Not sure i'll be much good with the pictures, but I helped Tasha with the glitters so you know where i am!

    Oh and I'm having a glass of wine so cheers.
  • Your tickers are really lovely Lucyanne, i didn't realise Daniel was 9 years old!!
    I can't wait to see some piccies! Believe me photobucket is easier than the lilypie pics!!! xx
  • Hiya,

    If i don't catch you this week i'll be on all saturday night as James is out. Hoping for a good chat as i've missed the last few. Will help then if tou still need me.

    Hope you are all well.

    Zoe x
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