Nappies and McDonalds milkshakes???

What do nappies and McDonalds milkshakes have in commom? You would assume nothing, but I found out this horrendous fact toay which really shocked me. The stuff that soaks up the wee in nappies is called cellulose, its the same stuff that McDonalds use to thicken their milkshakes!

Strawberry thickshake anyone????


  • Oh Caroline i usually love a Mcdonalds chocolate milkshake!!!!
  • Oh no!!!!!

    I love their chocolate milkshake.
    And we are off to McDonalds at 6.30.
    Guess I'll stick to diet coke then.
  • That's nasty. Thanks for sharing it Caroline.
  • Sorry to put you off millshakes Tasha and Lucyanne but I thought it was gross and thought i would share it with you all!!!
    My auntie works in a school for the disabled and had a visiting speaker who came to teach them about nappies. I have also put another post up about how to prevent a leaky nappy!
  • Because of the kids being poorly we're on take away (again) tonight so Gillans just gone out to McDonalds. Needless to say, i've asked for a coke!!!!
  • Gareth loves his milkshakes but there is no way it will put him off!
  • Thanks for that!
    Glad im not pregnant any more as loved strawberry milkshake!
  • Quote:

    I'm off to look at the leaky nappy post. Now if only they could get nappies to smell of McDonalds Milkshakes and then they'd be on to a winner.....

    haha totally agree

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