so mad right now!

tescos have well and truly peed me off

one thing - ive been back since march and have always worn heels, and tonight they say if i go in tomorrow with heels i will be sent home! GRR
i said to them, ok - i have no money til friday, and do they expect me to have nothing better to with my day than go into town for shoes fo work?

also i worked there since apr 2003! and always wore heels - in only diddy hehe

next thing, i was doing the put backs and then at quarter to 9 i had to take a woman off a till, and she moaned i was 2 minuts late - not that it was my fault. and then when i got on the till she said to me - i hope u get all the reduced stickers thru my till - (they dont scan very well)

i mean there was no blooming need for that! once she went i almost burst into tears

i swear if it wasnt for the fact i need my maternity leave next year for when we have our next baby i wud so tell them where to shove their poxy job!


sorry for moaning
thanks for listening ladies



  • Sorry the jobs not goin well Claire, I have a few friends who work for Tescos and they all have very similar feelings towards the place. I also have some friends who work at waitrose and it seems a much happier place to work.

    I think you're right to stick it out for maternity pay though, i was in a job i hated but it paid off in the end and i enjoyed my pregnancy and maternity leave knowing i DEFINATELY wasn't going back!!

    Keep your chin up, big hugs! xx
  • Poor you Claire
    Sorry to hear Tesco's are giving you a rough ride!
    Keep smiling and try not to let them get to you.

  • Hi Claire. Sorry you are having a rough time, I know how you feel as I had similar in my last job. My role was made redundant when I was 12 weeks pregnant but with half an hour left before my contract was terminated permanently I was found another role, but I received no training despite begging weekly for some. I was used as the scapegoat between my department and another who were at war, emails that allegedly never arrived even though I had proof they did, phone calls never answered then accusations that I had never bothered to phone at all. I nearly walked out, literally nearly walked out half way through one particularly bad morning and only a good friend who saw what was happening persuaded me to stay and see out the last few weeks before maternity leave. I brought my planned leaving date forward by two weeks because I couldn't stand it any longer. Needless to say I didn't go back! And needless to say I shall NEVER work for that company again.
  • but ive slipped on grapes wearing trainers too,

    they did say it was for my own saftey , but why now? wh not 4 years ago when i started there!

    im more mad at her for her attitude to me,,

    anyway as all i wear is heels, i wore them againt onght like i told them id haave to, and no one mentioned anything,

    i'l still buy a cheap pair of shoes, just to please them!

    also whats making me mad is i still havent heard anything from when i had that 3 days off sick, they still owe me £100 wages!
  • Hi Claire, sorry to hear you are having hard time. Theres nothing worse than not enjoying your work.
    Hope things get better soon.
    Keep us posted.
    Take care
    Kas xx
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