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Hi Gracey,

That's a difficult one to try and sort out. Does she see him as controlling? If she does it will be easier for you to confront her about. She could be scarred to leave him and just need to know she's got support. I don't mean to sound dramatic but you hear of stories that start off like this then when the man has isolated the woman from friends and family they start to get beaten. I would hate for that to happen to your friend. On the other hand he may just be very insecure and so over protective. Do you know when she's in the house alone? If so call her then, or ring her at work if that's possible and try to arrange a lunch date to talk to her. You may have no choice but to let her go through with it all, do your best to keep in touch then if need be she'll know you are their for her.

I don't know if that helps you, I hope so Gracey. Take care.


  • Hi Gracey
    I have a friend who went though something similar. The only thing you can do is let her know that you are there for her no matter what. If you slag her fiance off, she'll probably defend him. She loves him and will see his attention as something positive at first. If she is scared of him then your support will mean the world to her.
    Could you take your son to visit her at home or if necessary her work?
    I know this really difficult for you, I would want to wade in and make her see sense but that rarely helps. Afterall, if he becomes suspicious of you he may well try and make her think badly of you, as happened to my mate. The chances are that she will see sense.
    If you know of a magazine or paper that she reads could you write to the problem page in the hope that she will read it and alarm bells ring?
    Good Luck
  • Gracey, to be honest i can't offer anymore advice than has already been said but i think the others have completely the right idea. Never let him drive you away, as long as she knows you'll always be there for her, there's the chance she'll be strong enough to break away from him.

    Kirstylouise, I completely admire you for being strong enough to get away from that man and having the strength to come through it and raise your daughter. I hope we get to chat more soon love Tasha
  • Hi Kirstylou,

    I'm sorry to hear you had to experience that first hand. It sounds like you have got a good bunch of friends. I'm pleased you and Teegan have been able to change your life for the better.

    Take care.
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