Tummy tub bath.

Hi Dizzy
I looked at these baths but ended up getting a traditional baby bath. Bronwyn loves it and also screams the house down when I take her out. I use a support cushion filled with polystyrene beads that floats in the bath, its fantastic!! It means I have both hands free to clean and splash her.


  • I saw them while i was pregnant and thought they were fab but my inlaws kindly bought us a traditional bath.

    Have any of you seen the top and tail pots you can get? It's a dish devided in two with a compartment for cotton wool. I was given one when i had Amber and it was SO useful i'll try and find where she got it from x
  • I have a top and tail thing but have never used it! Its sat on the bathroom floor. I end up using a kitchen bowl with warm water in it and just put the fresh cotton wool on the towel and then used stuff straight into the bin!
  • I saw them but had already brought a traditional bath, Jessica only used it once as i found it to much hassle and she went into the big bath instead!
  • Hi Dizzy,

    I've got one ( it's out on loan at the moment) and i loved it.

    Jack screamed when they bathed him in hospital so the HCA suggested trying it later in the day to see if he prefered it. I wasn't sure it would be that different but i was amazed with Jacks reaction. He was crying full pelt when we were in the wash room then the moment she put him in the tummy tub he stopped straight away. I used to bath him in it everynight as it settled him ready for bed. Sometimes in the day too, if he showed signs of tummy ache and was uncomfortable i'd put him in the tub and it soothed him and relaxed him.

    My friends using it with her second baby and she loves it too. She wished she'd had one with her eldest.

    As you can tell i'm a big fan of them.

    Zoe x
  • I got a top and tail bowl with a bath set I got from Mothercare and I found it really useful. Once I had finished using it as a bowl I was able to turn it upside down as a step for Bon to reach the sink to wash his hands.
  • I think I ought to start using my top and tail bowl as I am running out of cereal bowls due to using them upstairs to hold water for washing Bronwyn!!!! OOOOPS!
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