I'm so excited

I know you are probably going to laugh at me, but I am so excited that I had to share this with you.

Tomorrow I am taking Bronwyn to baby massage classes. They are every saturday for the next 4 weeks. I can't wait!!!


  • OOhhh I don't blame you at all!! Baby massage islovely for both of you and i'm sure you'll really enjoy it.

    I did some with ethan on a postnatal course and at Ambers music class they do it at the end of each class.

    Have a lovely time tomorrow xx
  • I think thats great Caroline.
    I really wish I'd done that when katelin was a newborn.
    She has eczema and when I rub her cream on her she goes very still and quiet so I know she would have loved it.
    I hope you both really enjoy it.
    Let us know how you get on.
  • I sure will Tasha.
    And once we are finished we are going into town to do a spot of shopping and have lunch with a colleague from school.
    Then its home to chill out before watching the footy!! Woo hoo! What a day!
    No doubt an excellent day will then end with chat session on here before bed!
  • How lovely, i hope you and Bronwyn have a lovely time! x
  • Hello everyone!
    Baby massage is fantastic! Bronwyn loved it and as soon as I put her down into her pram afterwards to wander round town she slept for 3 hours solid, even managed to miss her usual lunch time! I am going to get into the habit of giving her a massage after bath and before bed.
    There were only 3 mums and babies there so it was good, although I felt like a bit of an outsider as they and the therapist know eachother through the NCT. Plus they were breast feeding and looked at me strangley when I grabbed my bottle of formula. (Maybe it was just me that is particularly sensitive about this issue?)
  • Make that 4 hours, i can't count!!!!
  • Hi Caroline,

    Glad it went well. Don't let the others put you off just concentrate on you and Bronwyn. Sounds like it's a winner for you.

    Yes, i'll be on for a chat before bedtime, i'm looking forward to it. Catch you later, got some cleaning to do!
  • Hi Caroline

    I'm really glad both you and Bronwyn enjoyed the massage.
    We did some classes with the hv as part of my postnatal care and they were fantastic!!!!
  • Today we did a 5 minute massage, which was cool. Bronwyn really enjoyed it and its the kind of thing that you can do in an evening before bedtime.
    Over the next 3 weeks we are looking at longer massage techniques.
    I am really pleaesed that I managed to get signed up for it.
  • Hi Caroline, glad you enjoyed baby massage. We did it with Niamh and she loved it too.
    Kas xx
  • Hi - glad you enjoy the baby massage. I had classes at my local doctor's surgery and it was great, a good chance to meet other mums and chat as well as get to speak to the HV who held the class. Bon was OK with it, but as he never kept still for more than half ot it we rarely got further than his limbs! I still massage his legs as he has dry skin and it is great chance to really get some moisturisor onto him and a bit of mummy and Bon bonding time.
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