Sounds familiar??

Hi Dizzy
Yep i was exactly the same hun and even though my daughter is 14 months now i still have relaps of memory. cant get my words out and hold a normal conversation with out sounding like an idiot. Welcome to the club! it does get beter with time though but you never get all your marbels back


  • Hi,

    Well if i go upstairs for something i have to keep repeating it or i get to the top and think what room should i be going in and what for! I have also been known to start a conversation then go blank and have to ask what i was saying!! I have asked 'Santa' for one of those nintendo ds lites with the brain trainer game, it can only get better!

    Zoe x
  • Yep i've had the same thing too and can only get jobs done now with the aid of lists! Since having Amber, i've losty my keys (never got them back) and am regularly leaving my phone and handbag at various places!
    I also regularly stop mid sentance and don't have a clue what i was on about!!
    I hope in general you are feeling well and little one is doing great?!!!
  • Just after I had Katelin, I went to do the school run in my slippers.
    I walked halfway there before I noticed and ran home.
    And just after I had Aaron, I took Daniel to pre school and put Aaron down, in his car seat, while I helped Daniel hang his coat up. I gave him a kiss goodbye, and said goodbye to his teacher at the door and she called me back as I had left Aaron behind.
    I've also put my car keys in the recycling bin.ON BIN DAY. I never saw them again!!!!!!
    It was a very expensive mummy brain moment. As it was my only key( I'd already lost the other one) and my car had to be towed to the nearest renault dealer and be reprogramed with a new key.I was not very popular at home for a few weeks.!!!!!
  • OMG Lucyanne,
    Are you safe to be out by yourself???
    I do stupid things with PMT, like locking my house and car keys in the house, when I should be going to work.
    I put things that should go in the fridge in the cupboard and vice versa.
    The list is endless!!!!
    I have an ex-colleague who left her 4 week old son in a supermarket and only realised when she got home and was unpacking nappies!! she went to collect him only to find the police were just arriving at the supermarket at the same time as her, she was extremely embarassed.
  • No probably not! But hey ho!!

    I have an endless list too. Do you think the men in our lives have daddy brain too, but just dont talk about it?
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