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Hi there,

I can have a similar problem with Jack who's four and a half. He refuses to put his toys away and says you do it, it can take him ages to get dressed when i know he can do it in five minutes because he doesn't want to go out, that sort of thing. I just resort to blackmail!! Help me put your toys away or when i've done it they are going in the loft, he didn't believe me so that box of toys went in the loft for a week! He's helped ever since. Then this morning we went into the village but he said it was too far and he sat on my kitchen floor. I told him if he comes and is good on the way back we'd buy a chocolate lolly, that worked too. Also i try not to shout as that just winds him up even more. I'm just firm in what i say and how i say it. There is also a punishment though which is carried out so he knows i'm not bluffing. He still tells people i put his toys in the loft for being naughty, so the threat is often good enough to get a result.

Hope this helps, Zoe x
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