I don't believe it!!!!

I have just been to see a friend and was driving home just as its going dark and I couldn't believe my eyes. This 1 house in the middle of a huge street it lit up like a Christmas tree with hundreds of fairy lights and rope light shapes!! It's the 5th November for gods sake, too early for Christmas lights!!!!!


  • Way too early.
    I would'nt like their electricity bill.
  • I will be putting my tree up slightly earlier than usual this year as we are celebrating Christmas on the 1st December as Gareth is away over Christmas. We have got his mum coming up and my parents coming down for the day. Having traditonal Christmas lunch and a few pressies. But I think having all the trimmings up now is little premature! The had their indoor tree lit up in the bay window too!!!!
  • I guess they are a bit over excited.
    Unless they have brought their christmas forward because they cant celebrate it on the day for some reason.ie someone in hospital or worse.
  • If I remember correctly, they had their tree up at this time last year too!!! Mad
  • Mum said there is a house in Scunthorpe that also has its decorations up and on!
  • I usually make my own Christmas cards, I've done 2 so far. Only about another 40 to do!! I am going to try and get some done whilst Gareth is home. I have to admit that 75% of my Christmas shopping is done!!!!
  • I have managed to make about 10 birthday cards since Bronwyn arrived, so not doing too badly. I am supposed to be making scrapbooks too! I will make the bare minimum mount of cards that I ned this year and the rest can have bought ones!
  • Hi Caroline,

    Do they do a collection for a good cause? There is a house not too far away from us and they do their house up in lights about this time (not been past for a bit) but they ask for donations for air ambulance. If they don't then it's definately to early. We start to get our house decorated on the 1st of December but i always take them down on News Year Day. I love Christmas but I do think November is too early.
  • Not going mad with Bronwyns pressies as I am sure everyone else will! So far I've got her a Fisher Price fishtank thing that goes in the cot with a nightlight and tunes.I am sure Gareth will want to spoil her when he gets home!
    What have you got your 2??
  • i've seen a few house's to, think they compete with each other over it.
  • I have icicle lights, mini rope spiral trees, a fibre optic tree, plus net lights and a rope light for outside. I can't use them all here though, no where to put them.

    I love lights.
  • Hi Boo,

    Here goes,

    Inside i have the usual tree and various indoor decorations, some of which are lights i stick on the windows, I have three candle 'things' I have in various places. Then outside at the front we have a multi coloured net light on a bush and a Santa stop here light. Then at the back we have lantern lights down the fence and icicle lights round the lower extension roof. We'll have to take photo's this year and post them. It will be good to see what we all do.
  • This aquarium has a remote control too, very handy.
  • Hi,

    Jack had the fisher price aquarium it's fab, by the time Charl came along Jack had managed to wear it out so she's had something else. The only thing we found was that sometimes he would set it off in his sleep, great at 3 o'clock in the morning!!
  • The remote control has a hook to hang on the bedroom door too that its always handy!
  • omg i defo think its far too early#!

    but cant wait to get ours out this year,

    robert wil love the blow snow globe
  • I love xmas but i agree nov is way too early.
    We haven't got a very big house, so keep it fairly simple,but I love the decs and cant wait to see how Niamh reacts to them this year.
    We arent going mad with pressies either. Family spoil them enough. Plus, we are going to Ireland for Xmas, so need to keep presents fairly small.
  • We have a house near us and their decs have been uo for about a week! i do like to see all the lights but it is a bit too early.
    I still have not brought a single xmas prezzie! but will hopefully get a few on friday as i am going shopping with my mum.
  • hi you've got me all excited with this talk of christmas lights!!! But november IS too early!!

    Carioline any chance you could do a link of the aqaurium toy sounds like it would be good for Amber and people keep asking for ideas!!!!

    In the last few years, we've really started decorating our house we use those outdoor ones but hang them in our lounge!!!! We want Ethan to enjoy them but when the kids are older we'll be 'normal' and put them outdoors!!!
    We buy something each year but went a bit mad last year and we now have 2 santa outdoor lights, a wooden snowman, rope lights round the lounge, icicle lights round lounge, a wooden star light and a six foot tree all in one small room the kids love it!!!!

    Very nearly finished the presesnt buying now think i've only my dad and in laws to do, phew!!!!!
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