Hi girls.

Well as tonight is officially bonfire night it's like a war zone round me so my eldest doggy is not very happy. I hope it doesn't go on too long tonight.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend and that you've had a good start to the week.

Me and Jack went to his friends house after school today, it's the first time and he loved it. We got home for 6 and he was bathed and asleep for 7! I wish i could do that every night! Charl went up at 7.30 so i'll have to see how she goes tonight. I put her down for a nap today so i'll have to see whether she sleeps as well as she did last week or not. I'll let you know.

Take care all, Zoe x


  • Yes Charl stayed at home with her dad, I didn't want her to ruin it for Jack with one of her tantrums as he was looking forward to this for weeks. We are going round again a week on friday as it's his twin sisters 2nd birthday and so Charl will come them. She will be in the same school year as them and maybe even the same class.
  • Hi Zoe
    Its like a war zone here too. Loads of banging but not a lot of sparkle! At least after tonight they should quieten down until new years eve!

    I took Bronwyn to see a friend today who has an 8 month old child who was jealous of Bronwyn. My mates mum looks after her daughter whilst she's at work and as soon as she cuddled Bronwyn Ellie-Mae went mad. This was after we had beeno school and the year 11 girls left PE to see us in th library and got to cuddle and feed Bronwyn. 1 girl lives across the road and pops over once a week and the other invited herself round to do my housework!!!! What a fool!!! And she thinks she's bringing her straighteners to do my hair!!!!!!! Oh, and she wants to cut it, put layers in it and thin it out!!!!!! I THINK NOT!!!!

    I am trying to keep Bronwyn awakes long as possible so that she sleeps longer through the night!
  • Appologies for my typos. My keyboard keeps missing out letters!
  • Evening girls,
    glad you are all well.
    Zoe, I try to do the same with the girls, I bring Tara round to a friends house once a week (she has a girl the same age), and i try to do it when ant is working a late, so he gets some time alone with Niamh,. Then I bring Niamh to one of her friends when I can. I generally bring them everywhere together so its nice every once in a while to let them have thier own time away with their own friends.
  • the fireworks r still gong strong here ,

    but robert will happily sleep thru them he has done the last 2 weeks!!
  • My God
    Tasha will have a lot of messages to read when she finally gets online!
  • Boo, I don't think she realises what she would be letting herself in for! Although I could do with a cleaner! Mind you, once gareth leaves the navy he can help me with the housework more than he does right now!!!!
  • hehe Caroline there was 145 messages in the lounge from sunday morn until tuesday night!

    i told gillan and he said it would have been double had i been here!!!!!!
  • I have got visitors from Sunday till Tuesday so I will probably have the same situation! Unless I sneak the laptop upstairs, although I will still need to check my emails and respond to Gareth. I also have visitors on wednesday, and then Gareth is back on thursday!
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