OMG the weather here is horrendous!!!!

It's been fairly nice here all day and now , 20 mins before leaving to collect ethan from playgroup, it's really tipping it down and looks very stormy i don't drive so have to walk in it arghhhhh!!!

Please don't tell me it's lovely and sunny by you!!!!


  • Ah ha! That means I should be able to pick Bon up before it reaches here!
  • Where do you live then?!!
  • London, about an hour from Northants, so hopefully I shall just be OK... I was expecting it to rain today, I decided not to take Bon out on his new trike, pressie from grandparents, as it was meant to rain and I am disappointed that we missed out on the fun.
  • Yes you should be ok then!
    It's still raining but thankfully not quite as stormy just sorting out the raincover now! I was hoping to go for a walk to get Ethan off to sleep but that's not going to happenb now!!

    Hope you're well, chat soon xxx
  • It has rained here and stopped, although the sky is full of grey clouds!!! The sun is peeking through and I can see blue sky but I think it will rain again!

    Don't forget your brolly Tasha!
  • Where about's in London are you from Nicolette?.
    I'm originally from London,in Holborn.
    Moved here nearly 11 years ago.
  • Well, I got slightly damp in a shower but the worst occurred while I hid under the canopy by the nursery doors.

    I live in north London but I am originally from the Medway Towns in Kent though I do feel compelled to add that I am NOT a Chav! Yes I own a few pieces from Burberry but of the kind that you have to look hard to find the label and I don't do baseball caps! I lived near Basingstoke for a bit, where in Hants are you?
  • The rain has now arrived, glad I am tucked up indoors with Bon.
  • Hello
    I managed to get to playgroup and back again without getting too wet! It was actually nice as i got to put Amber in her new pink snowsuit and she looked gorgeous so it was almost worth it!!
    Hope you've all had a nice afternoon? xxx
  • Hiya,

    I had the heavy rain about half one this afternoon for 20 minutes or so. It's cold and windy but there is some blue sky about.

    Take care all, Zoe x
  • Hiya
    We had really heavy rain at about half 8 this morning, just as we were about to leave the house!!!!!!! I got absolutely soaking trying to get Cameron in the car, why is it when it's raining they always decide to squirm about in the seat so you can't strap them in!!
    It's been lovely and sunny the rest of the day, but it's starting to get pretty cloudy again!!
  • Its just hit here now.
    About 30 mins ago.
    Nasty and stormy if you are out but cosy if you're indoors.

    Nicolette I am Just outside Basingstoke. My mum still lives in London. She is very settled there and refuses to move near me or my sister who is in Sutton.
  • What a small world! I lived in a tiny cottage in Whitchurch on the hill towards the A34. And, probably no surprise, worked for IBM!

    We've lost the rain now and the forecast says cold but bright so I can take Bon out on his new trike tomorrow before nursery.
  • My aunt and uncle lived in Basingstoke and both worked for IBM!!!
    They're divorced now but my aunt lies in Andover which i don't think is far from there?
  • Hi all, where did this weather come from? Cant believe it. But, I promised Caroline Id buy a mistletoe kiss and test it out, so I did that when the girls were in bed. It was yum, but blooming freezing going to get it.
    I hope you all didnt get too wet.

    Tasha, think im going to have to get Taras snowsuit out, they always look soo cute and snuggly!!

    Boo, i think you are oto something there, you'd make a fortune.

    Kas xx
  • It could be worth it Kas, Amber had a 2hour nap in her buggy after we collected ethan and i think that was because she was snuggled in her suit! I unzipped it and kept an eye to make sure she wasn't too hot but the peace was fab!!!
  • Hi Tasha. Yes, Andover is that way, I used to go there to do my shopping as it was actually closer than Basingstoke to where I lived. It is OK as a town, nothing special but nothing wrong with it. I did prefer Salisbury but I am a history nut so I would. It is all pretty quiet down there, after London anyway, all that countryside, I do miss it certain aspects of it.
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